A fun story with Leo girl game

To Asian, the concept of twelve zodiacs just becomes popular in recent years especially it is used for guessing the characteristics of a person basing on the birth of date. In old days, Asian usually believes in the concept of twelve animal designations which help people think about style and destiny of each person in each animal designation. Nowadays, the belief of animal designation is less common than twelve zodiacs. Specifically, each animal designation symbolizes for a year while each zodiacs describes some prominent features of a person according to month per year so it does not make people wait for a long time, the young people like to use twelve zodiacs to instead of.  Twelve zodiacs seem to be easier and more suitable with the trend of modern life.

However, why do you want to find out twelve zodiacs?

In life, if anything exists for a long time or become the favorite topic of many people, it makes sure that it contains at least a special thing. Maybe, no one can explain exactly why people give the concept of twelve animal designations or twelve zodiacs. According to astrology, each person who was born in a different moment will be suffered from the different levels of radiations of sun and meteorites so each person has own characters. However, a group of people are born in a period; they will have some common features. Actually, there are twelve main clusters of star so twelve zodiacs are given with a specific content.

Which zodiac were you born?

As you know, lion is the king of the beast and in twelve zodiacs; and people born in Leo (23rd July – 22nd August) also brings characters of lion. About appearance, they usually like hair in puffs, bold beard, round and bold eyes especially they has strong personality so we always see the noble beauty of women in Leo.

Now, let’s see the picture of Leo through Leo dress up game. You have chance to dress up for a Leo girl. There is a Seri of clothes and accompanied accessories which you can choose. Then you will have the most perfect style about people in Leo. Therefore, why do you wonder? Let play it now to see Leo girls. In particularly, if you are interested in Seri game of zodiacs, the game about Virgo will appear in next time.

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