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Once proudly referred to as “Africa’s fastest growing city,” Botswana’s capital, Gaborone, has been – since its inception – continually expanding, to the point that now the sprawling urban center of some 300 000 residents has become nearly unrecognizable from the tiny, dusty administrative town it was at the country’s independence in 1966. From the end of the nineteenth century, until 1963, tiny ‘Gaberones’ Village, as the town was then called, consisted of only a small settlement of the railway line and a small administrative center in the area now called ‘The Village.’ The land between both settlements was Crown land, but was used by the people of the neighboring village of Tlokweng as a cattle grazing area.The city was named after Kgosi Gaborone, leader of the Batlokwa people, who migrated from their ancestral homelands in the Magaliesberg Mountains and in 1881 settled in the Tlokweng area (then called Moshaweng). Gaborone literally means ‘it does not fit badly’ or ‘it is not unbecoming.”

Once plans for the city had been drawn up, technical experts from several European countries were brought in, to assist in the planning and building of the town; and architects, artisans, supervisors and laborers were brought in from surrounding areas in Botswana, and from Southern Rhodesia. The last daily passenger train service was withdrawn in April 2009.Twenty-first century Gaborone now boasts four, large American-style malls, replete with cinema complexes, a host of hotels, guest houses and restaurants, an international airport, a cultural center, discos and nightclubs, a national museum and art gallery, as well as two golf courses and other sports facilities. What makes Gaborone so unique, however, is that the visitor can enjoy all the familiar modern conveniences of home, but can gain entry into rural Africa, or wildlife areas, within minutes – having then the best of both possible worlds.Like in other parts of the world,

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