A thrilling journey by taking a cheap flight to Moroni

Since 1962, Moroni is named as the capital of Comoros. It is the largest and the most populous city having 75000 residents. It is participated its major role in administration, economic and cultural activities in order to promote the name and image of the country in the international market. It is comprised of excellent beaches and marvelous mosques. In these ‘The Ancienne Mosquée du Vendredi’ is the point of attraction for the tourist to visit. Before entering the premises of the Comoros, normal visa is stamped for 40 – 45 days having the cost of just Euro61. This visa can be extended depending on the valid reasons and conditions.

While taking flight to Moroni from London, it took minimum of 20 hours with various stopovers in Paris and Reunion. This will help the passengers to relax and unwind their tiredness during the whole flight to Moroni from London.In Moroni the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport is one of the international standard airports in Comoros which received a number of international flights to Moroni in a day from various European and African countries. Like Kenya Airways and African Express Airways facilitates the people of the African countries and took a flight to Moroni from Dar es Salaam, Nairboi and Mombasa respectively. Kenya Airways also have the linked flight to Moroni from London having three days in a week.

And on the daily basis, Air Madagascar is taking the flight to Moroni. While the cheapest flight to Moroni is African Express among numerous airlines. Along with the normal passenger boats various cargo ships are also taking the passengers to Moroni. If you are interest to take the cheapest flight to Moroni other than air means, then go by freighters but this take longer and hectic travelling. And this could fare you for just €100 per passenger. Among all of these services, one of the safest ferry boat services is facilitating the passengers to move the east coast of Grand Comore to Anjouan which is taking the same flight time to Moroni.Tourist can also approach to Moroni by rent a car service or to take a taxi to travel. As it has no public bus transport facility available in the city, so locals are normally moved around the city with their only available public transport service in form of Hitch-hiking in order to access to school and offices.

While if some of the tourists want to travel by bus, there are three taxi brousse stations located in Moroni. All of three stations serve the people to move around easily in all directions from north to west and south to east. As per other countries, it has no official passenger boat service to apart and depart from Comoros. Possibly if some one approaches this option, he/she has to travel from Madagascar if you are coming from Eastern Africa. It is said that it is the toughest of all the journeys described before. But for the sea riders and lovers, this journey is very exciting and thrilling. But the condition is that it will take the passengers to Comoros, only when the sea is calm because they haven’t had the professional ships. They have just small fishing boats having engines fit in it. Moreover, they won’t allow the luggage load while travelling to the destination. Thus, it’s only thrilling journey for the high spirited sea lovers.

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