Aggregate Production Plant Design

Vertical mill is a set of crushing , drying, grinding , grading conveyor in one large negative wind broom grinding equipment , widely used in cement, power, paper , PVC pipe and PPR pipe, metallurgy , chemical industry , high-grade paint, artificial marble tiles, artificial granite ,ore crushing plant equipment sale non-metallic mineral industries , high production efficiency , can be massive, granular and powdered raw materials are crushed into powder grinding required .
Slag is a vertical mill and grinding disc plus the vertical mill wear surface material layer . Since slag cement plant compared with traditional materials , poor grindability and abrasion resistance is not good,mobile jaw crusher for sale so the wheel and disc wear problems of vertical mill was once limited the vertical mill grinding slag in terms of development applications.
With the development of resistant materials abroad , our wear-resistant materials and the introduction of foreign technology, vertical mill grinding wheel and disc transformation , the wheel base metal casting roller sleeve outer layer of wear-resistant surfacing layer,Aggregate Production Plant Design vertical mill wheel and disc wear resistance has been greatly improved, wear-resistant materials slag grinding problems can be solved .

First slag drying, and then perform vertical mill for grinding slag , slag material from the inlet into the center of the disc , the disc is divided into two parts roller mill slag , slag a small part of the new and most high moisture slag grinding having too low a non- finished moisture , the centrifugal force is directed to the following grinding roller ,Used crusher dealers in India by reducing the hair, the slag discharge roller compaction , grinding force is configured by a layer of grinding material roller own weight and the pressure generated by the hydraulic system .
Roller bed with the abrasive friction rotation , sensors and buffer limit device mounted on a rocker arm roller prevents direct metal contact with the disc . During normal operation, the grinding roller and disc asked at least 5mm spacing .
Slag vertical mill is grinding industry of emerging devices , because of its great advantages in terms of energy saving , so now in the country, slag worn to establish large-scale production use , a huge market prospects.

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