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Heel for 4 to 6 cm shoes, more than health standard. Put on this kind of high heels, human negative gravity line greatly change, pelvic forward, back waist. Excessive waist stretched out after that back muscle contraction taut, lumbar small joints and articular capsule is in nervous condition, go down for a long time, articular capsule air max 95 and lumbar back muscle strain that happen, cause lumbago. Waist hip pain often toward sunset light weight, tired, days when negative symptoms aggravate, sit for a long time, waist seems to be broken, with the hand tapping can be improved. Symptoms persist .nike air max uk after period of time can reduce and disappear, but often again, and he is difficult to heal. Every this a variety of, is the performance of the strain of lumbar muscles.
The consequences of lumbar muscles, the most weight, and activity of the largest lower air max shoes lumbar suffer the biggest, can accelerate bone hyperplasia, ligament elasticity decreased degenerative changes appear in advance, or increasing, become prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, lumbar spinal stenosis disease, lumbar slip the prelude to diseasenike heels .
Right, standing, walking can follow one’s inclinations, the whole body reaction, coordination ability to drop, also easy to happen lumbar sprain. When muscle, ligament sprain occurrence degree in unequal tear and trace bleeding, swelling that gore blue, heels sale performance is acute lumbago, also can increase the original back pain symptoms.
In addition, wearing high heels, the center of gravity forward, toe load increases, the hard will roughly square full foot front edge in tapered narrow toe inside, make double jordan high heels foot on the gridiron, easy to induce thumb valgus, bunions, hammer claw, metatarsal bones ischemic necrosis diseases, these lesions in addition to cause foot pain, numbness and discomfort feeling outside, also can through the reflection mechanism involved in the waist, cause lumbago.
From the foot to the firm, comfortable and maintain arch physiological needs and suggest you less wear high-heeled shoes, waist pain patients more don’t wear high heels. The average person except in social, etiquette and specific occasions wearing high heels outside, at ordinary times still wear general cloth shoes or leather shoes for good, heel don’t higher than 3 centimeters, sole is slope shape is advisable.

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