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Roar, suddenly the arrow-shaped tail dragged in front of the single handle only canada goose vest Akao beast wheel in his hands, mouth vane crazy shouting, direct him as the zoomorphic weapons, 360-degree sweep around. “Ah ……” Boom, boom, boom! This area is the space of death, all creatures inside all turned into a bunch of Rouni. However, Akao beast too much, they do not know fear, and fear, though they are the lowest level of the two-toed and three-toed Akao beast, all defended not afraid of dying in volume siege vane. Puchi! ” The the Akao the red beast Arrow tail, draw Daodao blur came toward vane swept the vane subconscious receded to the next, but yet to gain a firm canada goose gloves foothold Road strip Feijian like tentacles turned Pilai . The outbreak of the gene ball instantly, vane too late to reverse the body, the eyes have seen, and a sense of awareness and thinking has not kept pace. Poof, Poof! Vane ribs and shoulders instantly pierced thud in the air is picked to fly the blood boiled water like you do not pay, Kuangyong out, the Road several Xuejian sprayed mid-air. Respiratory heavily breath, Ye Kaijiang row stood up, he did not know he had killed only Akao beast, one hundred or one thousand, he never fought so crazy. However, at this time his eyes canada goose banff had some dizziness, two legs stiff with these beasts seem also do not want to immediately kill the vane, but slowly surrounded over. Vane has been to the limits of the body, gene ball excite the ultimate physical force, but now he does not know how to activate the power of gene ball. Looked down at the ribs Zach, his lower body, the visceral attached to the upper body dragging on the ground, surrounded by bleak atmosphere root outside dignified. Gently Zach’s corpse on the ground, already given up hope, he at the moment is deeply angered vane mind blank! Kill! Kill! Kill! Already almost goose canada jackets stopped functioning gene ball, has lost contact 3600 genes, at this moment, the thunder burst open. Fireballs oval subtle energy group, such as small nuclei bomb blast, flying away toward the distant stars, formed one of hundreds of tiny threads in the blink of an eye, again coincide with the gene chain.  hm520pp20121113

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