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Yaounde, the Capital City of Cameroon having the diversified population consisting of approximately 12.5% (i.e. approximately two and half million) of the total population of the Country. After the Douala, which is also a port city, it is ranked as second largest city of the Country. The Theravada Buddhist has the majority religious followers in the whole Country which approximately covers 95% of the total country’s population while the remaining population of the 5% follows various other religions. Khmer is the national language although French and English are also being spoken. Among all the Capitals of West African countries it is prominent due to its greenness and hilly location of the 750 meters of attitude from the sea level.`

This attitude also gives its atmosphere a pleasant air flow that the other cities like the port city Douala to the visitors as well as the residents of the city. It is situated in the standard time zone of GMT + 1 hour. The international dialing code of the city is + 237 3 (237 for Cameroon and 3 for Yaounde). The national currency used is the CFA Franc BEAC. No doubt it is a better place to be visited by the travelers especially for those who are coming from North side to the South of the country, it is a place where visitors could have the visas for onward traveling.This City was started to build in the late 18th century by the German for their center of research on agriculture and ivory trade. In the era of World War I after the fall of German troops, troops of Frenchman took the charge of this Land.

This City is continuously enjoying the privileges as the Capital of the nearby lands from almost its beginning till yet. Lumber and its related products, clay and its products, breweries and glass stuff are also the major industries of this City beside tobacco,dairy products. Many people take business flights to Yaounde because of the fact that this city is being used as the hub for regional distribution for the coffee and its other related products, also for cocoa and copra, along with the sugar cane, and rubber. Cheap flights to Yaounde could be availed from any part of the world as the Government of Cameroon earns a good portion of its revenue from travels and export business of the stuff mentioned earlier which do not only requires the cheap flights to Yaounde from parts of the world.

But also good facilities like comfortable even many times luxurious residence, easy and comfortable transport and existence of center markets to the visitors and especially for the businessmen.Airlines like Kenya Airways and Brussels Airlines offers flights to Yaounde from London at very reasonable cost. There are daily flights to Yaounde from London and other various major destinations such as from and to Paris, Belgium, and Amsterdam, although most of the flights first landed in Douala than come to Yaounde without being required to disembark the passengers. Various bus and rail services are also available to reach Yaounde from Douala (2-5 hour drive/ride).

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