Amy: earplug tempering the care of a woman (1)

"The face of the woman from the inside out maintenance within the custody, blood and beauty, delicate red and shiny." Surely we must be familiar with the phrase slogan. Beats By Dre headphones is the taste sound choice for music lovers in a private space, and its importance is self-evident. Even in the some "Cock silk" the heart of the low far more than a "goddess". The woman needs care, Beats Dre headphones especially.

Soul By Ludacris headphones usually start with a beloved, we first of all is to carry out the work of the earplug tempering the reasons presumably also needless to say. However, when the headset is fully open burning is not the end of the story then? The answer is no. Some people often complain about the poor quality of the headphones, short life. In fact, most of the Beats By Dre Sale headset itself quality is quite good, because we use a variety careless, so our beloved iPhone Headphones died with. Today I have some experience of the day-to-day use headphones to introduce the several maintenance Apple Headphones Cheats, want to be able to be helpful to everyone.

As we all know, the new car is to go through normal use before a "run-in" process, the new Soul Electronics headphones also true. The lack of a new headset relatively sounds have a low frequency dive deep insufficient amount of sense, blunt, soft enough frequency performance, high-frequency glitches, too sharp small details. So the earplug tempering we got the first step of a new headset, however, if the earplug tempering improper operation, can also cause damage to the diaphragm coil.

Beats By Dre headphones

For ordinary users, the earplug tempering process I recommended to use a radio earplug tempering, volume one-third, about 50 hours, in the middle of more than a dozen hours allows headphones to take a break, in order to avoid too long cause heat damage diaphragm. Usually try to use the normal volume, do not listen to the large volume, the strong rhythm of the music for a long time, on the one hand, damage headphones In addition, our ears can also cause some damage.

Beats Headphones use over a period of time, the correct way to burn system, Dre Beats Headphones speaker unit elasticity will significantly increase, move back and forth more easily so that the sound is much fuller sound quality will improve a grade. Thank you for watching, welcome to our Soul By Ludacris Outlet.

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