Amy: earplug tempering the care of a woman (2)

For a lot of things we have not enough heart, we have not noticed a lot of details, until Dr Dre Beats headphones bad, we did not realize it was a mistake. Today, I want to teach people to pay attention to when the earplug tempering one important detail – the earphone connector.

Today, we are familiar with Dr Dre Beats Sale the headset connector conventional 3.5mm pin of the three-stage structure, including the left channel, right channel, and the ground. Usually user unit as well as wire of the headset will pay more attention, but tend to ignore the importance of the joint, some details handled properly and thus greatly affected our life of the headset.

Most of Dre Beats Headphones connector on the market with a gold plating process, this would both reduce the impedance of the headphones also sound quality improved significantly help. However, some manufacturers because of cost considerations, the most fitting gold layer is very thin, and several times after the user "violent" plug surface appears wear. Therefore, I do not recommend that we often plug the headphones with the player, so not only damage the coating, but also make play audio interface loose, which led directly to poor contact Monster Dre Beats headphones and player.

Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones

In addition, wire and connector solder joints is a Cheap Dre Beats headphones weakest at line plug is especially true after violent pull wire solder joint fracture easily, resulting in intermittent sound or completely hung up phenomenon. So when we Hiphop Beats headphones unplug from the player, must hand pinch the plug pulled out with attention to the speed of the pull out and do not "more vigorously as possible."

Look at this Beats By Dre Full Diamond, looking at its beautiful gesture I am not willing to harm to it! We should protect the Beats Diamond headphone.

Beats By Dre Full Diamond White

Careful netizens can recall, before all heard bad Dr Dre Beats Earbuds, are for any reason. I believe that at least more than 70% of the answer is because the headphone cable. The most part of the "weak" as a pair of headphones, a carelessness will be a unit still in the headset to send away to the west when the play of the year. Or if you prefer Beats Studio upgrade version of Dr. Dre Beats Pro.

The majority of the outside of the wire made of a rubber material, the Beats headphones After prolonged use will result in broken wires harden. So day-to-day maintenance of the Beats headphone wires is very necessary, do not wire any liquid, especially with the pH of the substance in contact, and wiped away the sweat on the wire I remember the first time to use in the summer.

We usually treat the Beats headphones we must redouble our gentle, do not force a hard pull the lead of the headset, so could easily lead to the breaking of the conductor covers. Beats headphones when not in use, the best in a natural way the reel, do not develop the Beats headphones conveniently wrapped in a player’s bad habits. Please follow our steps to the Beats By Dre Sale.

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