Analysis jaw crusher and gyratory crusher performance comparison

Metal mine concentrator primary crusher , jaw crusher general use or gyratory crusher , in some non-metallic minerals and cement industries , when dealing with soft or medium hard ore , you can also employ hammer crusher or crusher . crusher equipment must be chosen to give the maximum feedstock material into the block , so the crusher to the mine mouth should be 1.2 times the maximum width of the material block dimensions. Design large, medium-sized plant , before determining the choice of jaw crusher or gyratory crusher selection generally installed power from the equipment , weight equipment , infrastructure investment , production and management costs, equipment configuration and the advantages and disadvantages of process operation , etc. after a technical and economic aspects of comparison , based on merit . ball mill working principle

Design, when a small plant , in order to adapt to the mine stope block features a large degree , need to adopt and adapt ore block size coarse crusher. When selecting the mine pit in coarse crusher, crushing function should consider lifting the disintegration of a special underground crusher. In the open pit crusher can be semi-mobile or mobile crusher . Jaw crusher advantages are: simple structure, light weight, relatively inexpensive , easy maintenance , and transportation , small exterior height , the height of a small plant needed in workmanship , reliable , easy to adjust the port of discharge , crushing wet ore and easily clogged with more clay minerals . Disadvantages are: liner wear , low processing than the gyratory crusher , crusher product size uniform. When too large, uniform requirements to mine, you need to set the device to the mine . In recent years, many domestic manufacturers to develop and produce a series of new large crushing ratio jaw crusher , so performance is greatly improved. In particular , the small jaw crusher is more prominent , full attention should be given to the selection . gold ore processing plant

Gyratory crusher is a high capacity crushing equipment, mainly used for large , medium hardness ore concentrator crushing large . Compared with jaw crusher , the advantages are: less power consumption ; continuous crushing ore processing capacity in the same ore port and port of discharge conditions, gyratory crusher processing Well then kilometers jaw crusher 2.5 ~ 3 times ; crushing cavity liner wear a uniform distribution ; crusher chunks of the product is too small , uniform size ; when conditions are appropriate to the mine can be ” packed to the mine ,” do not need to mine equipment. Disadvantages are: device structure is complicated ; machines tall , heavy, requires a solid foundation , increasing plant height. It is usually used for large-scale processing plant , a large cement plant .

Crusher equipment should be selected according to the material properties and force form approach

Suggested crushing equipment should be selected according to the material properties and force form the way , before choosing crushing equipment, construction should be clearly crusher the way , according to the requirements of the nature of materials, particle size and crushed products , take appropriate force way , choose crusher equipment form . Particle size larger or medium hard materials using crushed , shock, crusher tools with different shapes on the teeth ; such as jaw crusher , roll crusher and so on. Crushing hard materials using smaller particle size , surface impact , milling , grinding tools, no teeth , is smooth ; such as roll crusher . Powdered or pulpy material using grinding , impact, crush ; such as ball mill. Abrasive materials using weak shock, blow, grinding, with sharp teeth on crushing tool. Strong abrasive materials used primarily crushing surface of the crusher device is smooth . Ductile material used to cut or quick blow ; such as hammer crusher . Using the multi-component material selection crusher under impact, the force field can also be a combination of various .stone crusher manufacturers in india

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