Analysis of major mineral hematite beneficiation process

Also known as red hematite ore, its chemical formula is Fe2O3, it is a weakly magnetic iron minerals , magnetite can float relatively good , is one of the main raw material for iron making . The main beneficiation process has re-election , and high intensity magnetic separation or flotation beneficiation process and use a variety , also had a weak magnetic separation after magnetizing roasting process . gold ore processing plant

The early hematite generally use more re-election process , the main jig, centrifugal concentrator , spiral chute, spiral concentrator , shaking , etc. , because of its ore processing capacity of small , low- grade ore dressing , low and gradual recovery be eliminated. Later, hematite beneficiation flotation process and the development of strong magnetic separation process , mainly paraffin oxide soap as collector ‘s positive flotation process and electromagnetic flat ring VPHGMSs sorting equipment for the high intensity magnetic separation process . But its sorting technical indicators have not achieved satisfactory results.

In recent years , hematite beneficiation achieved considerable development, its main beneficiation process is electromagnetic pulsating high gradient magnetic separator for the strong magnetic beneficiation process on behalf of and as the representative of the SH series of anti- flotation beneficiation process . In particular, the use of magnetic – flotation process to make some joint hematite mines sorting reached 65% grade iron ore , iron ore concentrate recovery of 85% satisfaction index . iron ore mining process flow chart

Introduction to the ball feeder for feeding method

The feed mill is completed by a feeder . To and rotate with the hollow shaft through feeder fixed to a hollow shaft through the ball . There are common feeder drum , worm feeder type and joint three. Drum feeder, only for the ball above the axis of the feed position of the occasion . It is generally used for open- grinding, ball mill to crush the product into the ground . It consists of the cylinder cover and separator composed with scallops , three screwed connection. Cylindrical body made ​​of cast iron or welded steel plate in the interior of a helical spacer . The lid is a truncated cone Short , left to feed holes. When the material thus give in, fan-shaped hole through the bulkhead into the cylinder, the cylinder inside the material lifted by a spiral lift plate , its own way into the hollow journal mill . This feeder to feed size up to 70mm. sale flotation separator for beneficiation

Ball passing rate of the particle size analysis

Ball passing rate used to measure the quality of granularity grind minerals . Granularity pass rate, according to the provisions described grinding machine is working properly ; description mill under the same operating conditions ( refer ore particle size , hardness, amount of ore ) miners operating high level of technology , so that the mill into full play the role . As the grinding of mineral particle pass rate, thereby sorting operations to create good conditions. Qualified size is low , indicating that under the same operating conditions , the operator or technical level of responsibility have not meet the requirements. Bring adverse effects to the sorting operation , resulting concentrate quality is not high consequences. A grinding skilled operatives, even under adverse operating conditions , the careful operation, carefully adjusted , gold trommel for sale in alaska will i get a higher granularity pass rate.

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