Approach to harbor by taking a flight to Freetown

Freetown. Freetown was come into existence in 1780’s as a home of freed slaves from the rule of American’s and Caribbean’s. It has the third largest harbor in the world where all passengers, cargo and private crafts are catered In 2011, Sierra Leone celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence from Britain in its capital.Now its ruling government has established the country on the international standards and modernized the infrastructure of the city. They road mapped the development of the tourism industry by imparting the new and modern facilities in the capital. Thus, after the modest improvements tourists are facing towards it and take more interest to visit it.Capital has also put effort to overcome the shortfall of electricity and other issues.

It is necessary to take the visa for all nationalities even the British nationals in order to enter the Sierra Leone boundaries except the African countries citizens. All the people who are interested to visit the Freetown took the visa either from Sierra Leone’s overseas missions or from the embassy at their home land. In order to get the visa you must have the solid reason to enter otherwise, consulate has authority to refuse to stamp your visa. Every one must ensure that he/ she has valid passport and proper document before travelling so that no hurdles came while travelling to Freetown. Moreover, there is the must for all the nationalities that they have Yellow Fever vaccination certificates before entering the Freetown. And on this certification proof, embassy basically stamped the visa and it is also checked on the airport as well.

English men can easily approach the Freetown Lungi International airport by taking a flight to Freetown from London through British Airways or Air France.It provides the best services to the passengers but on the specific days and specific destinations. So, if want to have a flight to Freetown from London consult the concerned authority for visa issuance before entry.While seizing a flight trough air plane to Freetown, a lot of routes are available by numerous airlines. In the number of airline, BMI is the well established airline which provides the direct flight to Freetown from London thrice a week. Moreover, Brussels Airlines, Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc and Arik Air also give the nominal rated for the flight to Freetown. Along with that in 2011, cheap flight to Freetown is reintroduced from Paris.

Thus numerous airline, provide flights to Freetown from various regions of the world which help the passengers to come either directly or through linked flights.You can also access to Freetown either by taking linked cheap flights to Freetown or by road from Guinea and Liberia. But if you want to travel by road, special permits are required if you have your own personal car or even the private car. But you can travel by bus, or taxis or any other transport service to Freetown. By road, it would take almost more than 5 hours via Port Loko because the roads are very rough, bumpy and rutted. Sierra Leone has special minibuses ‘poda poda’ which took the private passengers to the city in the fares ranging from 2500 to 5000 Leones. But the only issue is that these not have set timings and stops and are overloaded which may be very risky sometimes.

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