artificial sand natural sand

River sand in construction has many advantages, but with the increase of building the indicators, natural sand because of difference of regional distribution and the natural weathering generated conditions, and presents the physical and chemical index volatility,Crusher Machine Manufacturer for concrete, especially the high performance concrete is not conducive to the stability of quality.In fact, through artificial sand natural sand can solve these shortcomings.And due to the decrease of river sand, artificial sand is not only solve the problem of the lack of natural sand, as well as important raw materials of high quality concrete.

Less than 750 mm of material into the vibrating feeder, is then evenly to the jaw crusher as primary crusher. Size is 95 mm to 165 mm after jaw crusher, and then gravel type into the counterattack crusher as secondary crusher, according to the vibrating screen, select return to counterattack crusher is broken again, 40 mm below the standard need to more than 40 mm stones into the system. Finally,Feldspar Grinding Plant for Sale the suitable products through the delivery of the vibrating screen reserves and inappropriate stone back sand making machine crushing screening out again. Note: 40-300 – mm stone input directly, rather than the primary crusher impact crusher in Europe. Under 40 mm, it can be through the sand making machine, rather than the primary and secondary crushing.

Proportional control system of sand raw materials for making a system turns to size 5 ~ 40 mm to aggregate sand control warehouse, through vibration feeder for rod mill feed.Rod mill is the core equipment of wet sand of legal system, as the center row cylindrical rod mill.Materials and water from entering on both ends of the cylinder, cylinder is equipped with about 30 tons of different diameter steel bar,Cement Making Plant the cylinder rotates, material grinding between steel bar and broken, broken after discharge from the cylinder center, together with the water into the spiral classifier, cleaning, grading in the blade agitation.Stone making system of 5 mm or less (or 2.5 mm) or less sand also entered the “rod mill” (the number of small or enter the “spiral classifier”).Qualified sand into the sieve dehydration dehydration after the pile of sand fill, output to the finished product fine particles of mud (powder) with water.

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