Artificial sand

In recent years, because the river sand mining abuse phenomenon is serious, the government introduced a series of the mining policy, but the move is a big demand on the market, so the Artificial Sand Making Process in India. Artificial sand is also called mechanism sand, sand and cobble stone is put through the system equipment processing is suitable for the sand used in construction.

impact crusher price not equipped with the bottom sieve plate which can effectively prevent blocking phenomenon. And hammer crusher cannot adopt heating mode to prevent cement materials,Manufacturing Process of Bentonite and shall be equipped with the bottom of the screen plate, increasing the likelihood of congestion.

impact crusher wear parts, smaller than hammer crusher, high utilization rate of metal. Impact crusher equipment plate hammer wear only on one side of the material in greeting. When the rotor speed is normal, feed will fall to the surface of plate hammer,Magnetic Separator For Crushers the board hammer and side are not worn on the back. Even this side to meet the material wear rarely. And at the bottom of the grinding rod is also easy to replace.

impact type, simple crushing equipment spare parts replacement, maintenance cost reduced correspondingly. Impact crusher rotor only install 6 plate hammer, using special tools can be easily for plate hammer’s replacement, replacement of a board hammer just a flight time.In order to adapt to the application of the production line of various kinds of soft and hard ore,Mobile Screening Plants South Africa coarse crushing, crusher, finely homework. Jaw crusher after continuous innovation and improvement, the new technology on the reform, the mechanism of building sand material production, achieve high yield and high efficiency.

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