As they proposed to go no farther than the side of the neighbouring river

As they proposed to go no farther than the side of the neighbouring river, near the fatal bridge, over which a small guard of infantry was constantly maintained, Eveline dispensed with any farther escort, and, contrary to the custom of the castle, took no one in her train save Rose and Gillian, and one or two servants, who led spaniels, or carried appurtenances of the chase. Raoul, the merchant, and an equerry, attended ugg shoes her of course, each holding a hawk on his wrist, and anxiously adjusting the mode in which they should throw them off, so as best to ascertain the extent of their powers and training.
When these important points had been adjusted, the party rode down the river, carefully looking on every side for the object of their game; but no heron was seen stalking on the usual haunts of the bird, although there was a heronry at no great distance.
Few disappointments of a small nature are more teasing than that of a sportsman, who, having set out with all means and appliances for destruction of game, finds that there is none to be met with; because he conceives himself, with his full shooting trim, and his empty game-pouch, to be subjected to the sneer of every ugg boots passing rustic. The party of the Lady Eveline felt all the degradation of such disappointment.
A fair country this, said the merchant, where, on two miles of river, you cannot find one poor heron!
It is the clatter those d d Flemings make with their water-mills and fulling-mills, said Raoul; they destroy good sport and good company wherever they come. But were my lady willing to ride a mile or so farther to the Red Pool, I could show you a long-shanked fellow who would make your hawks cancelier till their brains were giddy.
The Red Pool! said Rose; thou knowest it is more than three miles beyond the bridge, and lies up towards the hills.
Ay, ay, said Raoul, another Flemish freak to spoil pastime! They are not so scarce on the Marches these Flemish wenches, that ugg boots on sale they should fear being hawked at by Welsh haggards.
Raoul is right, Rose, answered Eveline; it is absurd to be cooped uplike birds in a cage, when all around us has been so uniformly quiet. I am determined to break out of bounds for once, and see sport in our old fashion, without being surrounded with armed men like prisoners of state. We will merrily to the Red Pool, wench, and kill a heron like free maids of the Marches.
Let me but tell my father, at least, to mount and follow us, said Rose for they were now near the re-established manufacturing houses of the stout Fleming.

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