Ashley Tisdale: How to protect fragile headphones

About classes at a time to go home, always the first to open the drawer, as fast as I would like to see my lovely Dr Dre Beats. When it comes to my Beats By Dre headphones, in fact this is my Second Deputy Dre Beats Headphones. The I first vice Beats By Dre headphones in my college days, when to buy My First Deputy Beats By Dre headphones, I live frugally month. Beats By Dre headphones are sensitive things, small changes can lead to the Beats By Dre headphone sound quality changes, such as the wire temperature increases, the use of different Beats By Dre headphone sets, so the maintenance needs of the Beats By Dre headphones from small place to protect other hand Diamond Beats headphones are relatively fragile, easily can be damaged, Beats By Dre headphones maintenance needs careful.

Beats Mixr Diamond Headphones

1. Best not sleep wear Beats Mixr Diamond headphones. Sleep impossible night fixed, Beats By Dre headphone line may be wrapped around the neck or two Beats By Dre headphones line was braided twisted together, Big Beats By Dre headphones and even shell will be crushed.

2. Beats By Dre headphones make Beats By Dre headphones online sweat and other erased. Human secreted, contain oils to make wire invisible killer at the ears bend. Time, wire will be aging, leading to the open seam, broken.

3. Beats By Dre headphones is best not to smoke. Accidentally Beats By Dre headphones shell, Beats By Dre headphone line will burn. In addition soot into Beats By Dre headphones shell stick long in the the shock membrane, time the sound is not right.

4. must turn down the volume before using. If your output device of the sound excessive, not only shock the ears, the light diaphragm folds. Heavy Beats By Dre headphones voice coil burned.

5. Beats Solo HD headphones away from strong magnetism. The magnetic properties of the unit will decline over time the sensitivity will drop!

Beats Solo HD Pink Diamond

6. Beats By Dre Dre headphones away from moisture. The pad session rust Beats By Dre headphone unit, the resistance increases, your Beats By Dre headphones will be biased tone.

7. and some friends like mp3 on his trouser pockets, plug outlet part is easy to fold, over time will break.

8. Do not disassemble. Curiosity is too strong, you want Beats By Dre headphones apart to see. Some Beats By Dre headphones is very difficult to take apart, some Beats By Dre headphones do not have a special method could not open even if apart, 80% also make the Beats By Dre headphones can not continue to work or Discordant.

9. winter is best not to use outside. Winter cold, hard, brittle wire, excessive bending easily broken wire. Then do not Cheap Dre Beats headphone line, heating, high temperature wire aging will accelerate.

10. away from the chemicals. Beats By Dre headphones shell painting is dissolved in organic chemicals, smudging can not look good.

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