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Christian Louboutin Wedges

Just call Christian Louboutin Prince Charming. The French footwear designer Cheap Louboutin Shoes is known for his dreamy heels; so it’s no surprise that he was chosen by Walt Disney to construct a glass slipper-inspired shoe to create buzz around the fall release of the Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu-ray disc.Christian Louboutin Wedges

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Louboutin Sales

Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can just grab a can of paint?

Thrifty women in the UK have taken to painting the soles of their shoes red in order to get the look of Christian Louboutin’s iconic pumps,Louboutin Sales which normally run from $700 to $2,000, without shelling out the big bucks.

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Christian Louboutin Flats

With that in mind, women in the UK have taken to handpainting the soles of their shoes bright red to mimic Louboutin’s signature look, a trend which has surprised and delighted paint sellers.Christian Louboutin Evening Shoes “Many people tend to look at magazines to get the right paint color for walls and furniture, but we’ve noticed significant numbers of girls color-matching tester pots to pictures of designer shoes in fashion magazines,” said Peter Rooney, manager of a London Homebase store where red paint sales have “rocketed.”Cheap Louboutin Shoes And apparently the technique works. According to one woman who wore her painted sole shoes to a wedding: “I received so many compliments about my gorgeous shoes but I didn’t have the heart to confess they were DIY fakes.Christian Louboutin Flats “(“A stupid pair of shoes should never cost the same amount as a fair condition ’95 Nissan Maxima!” — my dad), which means they’re not a realistic footwear option for most people. But hey, if the recession and crumbling global economy have taught us anything, it’s that a little creativity will get you far. mingtiangenghao852

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Christian Louboutin Sandal Booties

The Louboutin Sales, which opened on May 1, documents Louboutin’s lengthy, 20-year-long career and featuring his most iconic shoe styles – from eight-inch towering ballet pumps to the heels that appeared Louboutin Shoes On Sales in Yves Saint Laurent’s final catwalk show. The display is only open for another three weeks until it closes on July 9, but the museum is hosting late-night openings on the following dates to accommodate demand: Wednesday June 27, Friday June 29, Saturday June 30 until 9.45pm and Sumday July 1 until 8pm.Christian Louboutin Sandal Booties

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