Back-breaking and crushing efficiency point of view about the back plate

Introduce back-breaking double rotor structure

Rotor: comeback mill is the most important task components necessary to have sufficient quality to meet the needs of ore milled chunks. Therefore, the rotor of a large grinding machine hit back, taking the overall style of the individual steel structure. This integral rotor, only the larger component, solid and durable, and easy to put pads. Sometimes take a few blocks formed steel or steel rotor disc superimposed style. This combined rotor manufacturing inconvenience easily get balanced. Take a small cast iron grinder, perhaps taking welded steel hollow rotor, but the strength and robustness poor.

Hammer: also known as pads, comeback mill is the most easily worn parts task, the remaining level of wear is much more significant than the grinder. Wear levels and the use of life is a hammer and hammer material, ore hardness, hammer line speed (rotor peripheral speed), board hammer structure and other factors indirectly related to the situation in which the material is choice questions hammer The important factor in the level of wear. Our data are hammer after high manganese steel. small scale gold mining equipment

Comeback plate: plate comeback configured situation, the effect of grinding mill greatly. Fight back plate has folded structures such as linear or arc-shaped. Mansard comeback plate tectonic simple, but can not get the most effective protection impact ore grinding. Comeback arcuate plate, compared with the involute rarely used, this situation is characterized in that the structure of each point comeback plate ores are perpendicular to the impact direction, and therefore a higher grinding effect. small scale building sand production line

Back-breaking and crushing efficiency point of view about the back plate

Secondary grinding mill operating comeback important for stone and ore, and its maximum feed size 500mm, Our company consumption back to the completion of the particle size can break the conditioning. Fight back plate angle can adjust according to the needs of customers, improve the effectiveness of grinding equipment.stone crusher machine manufacturer in india

Able to comply with the demand to fight back plate adjust the angle in order to protect the material suitable angle between repeated shocks hit back plate and the rotor was able to effectively improve the grinding effect, gradual comeback mill grinding broken the course of the course can effectively decrease the energy consumption. Meanwhile comeback board swap system overload cover doubles as a machine installed in order to avoid foreign bodies or non-abrasive block for equipment damage. Adopt a multi-stage comeback cavity, so there is enough space for grinding, polishing for bulk materials.

Fight back with more functions abolished, the Division I take no key convergence, so that the overall strength equipment, with high efficacy, good safe performance, environmentally friendly energy, the use of inconvenience Peixiu rate and other characteristics of a disadvantage.

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