Backing Up Corpoarte Data On HP’s Robust LTO Ultrium 4 System iS Very Cost Efficient

Backup technology is becoming quite popular amongst businesses nowadays. Since the world of today is a competitive one, the need to protect one’s business is more important now than ever before. Why? This is because so many companies would rather maintain a monopoly over the market and maximize profits by exploiting the taste of consumers and producing expensive products, than let new and/or smaller companies compete against them and provide the market with the same goods at cheaper rates.

These companies are usually willing to go to great lengths to maintain their position in the market. They may even hire hackers to extract information stored in a company’s database and computers so that they can use such information to harm the reputation or image of a smaller company. No, the possibility does not merely exist in movies- it is very real and may happen to anyone at any time. Many companies have stolen each other’s ideas so that they can progress and compete against the more successful companies and this has often lead to cases over copyrights and patents (basically, intellectual property law) and these cases could go over years. This would have a negative impact upon a business’ progress in the long term.

Isn’t it better that you save this information in a place where it is not affected by these dangers (external or internal)? That would help you save money, time and protect yourself in the long term. So now the question arises: where could save such information be saved? A computer would not be safe because anyone could get access to it and viruses could easily attack these at any time and you would not even be aware of this until it is too late for you to take any steps to protect your database and computer.

Have you ever considered going for backup technology devices? An example of such a device is the HP LTO4 tape which has an enormous storage capacity of 800 GB of native capacity and 1.6 TB of compressed data. If you want to save huge files (digital or others) for future purposes or for protection, this would be perfect for you because of the fact that it can store a lot of information.

In addition to this, your company would be safe from hackers because the tapes are so compact and light that you could hide them anywhere you want. Apart from this the native AES-256 encryption would provide it with protection in the long run. Along with the AES-256 encryption the WORM capabilities would protect the HP LTO4 tape from erasure because any information stored on it would be saved in its original form thus protecting it from erasure (deliberate or unintentional). This would ensure that all information is stored and well-protected.

The HP LTO4 tape is also perfect as a backup technology device because no virus can enter it and so, any data on it would be safe and unaffected by viruses. Only you would have control over the information stored on the tape itself.

HP LTO4 tape cartridges are very robust, reliable and cost efficient. High performance VXA tapes, SDLT tapes, LTO tapes, DDS tapes, AIT tapes, RDX cartridges and LTO-4 tape cartridges are available at, at low price. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email:

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