Backing Up Important Information Using Quantum’s Latest LTO-6 Backup Technology

The Quantum’s latest generation of “Linear Tape Open” is a high performance backup solution which many large companies could benefit from. In addition, midsized businesses and fast-growing companies can use the device in order to save important information on these tapes. Companies relying heavily on research and development (such as pharmaceuticals, nuclear technology and weaponry, governmental organizations and other such businesses) could use the tape in order to save quite a lot of information because the tapes come with an enormous storage capacity of 6.25 TB (of uncompressed data) and 2.5 TB of native data. This would make the tape ideal for those wanting to store large files and data related to progress, taxes, balance sheets, secret projects and other such information which is best kept away and hidden.

The tape would also be good at protecting information due to the data encryption. Not only would this be good when it comes to parties seeking to ruin a company or get hands on important information but it would also be great at protecting the data from getting affected by external and internal threats such as viruses, hackers and other such threats. Since the tapes are an alternative source upon which the data can be saved (and they are not part of the computer’s software) they would be perfect for storage of data.

The Quantum’s LTO 6 tape solution can be trusted to retrieve voluminous information under unfavourable conditions. The new tapedrive family is efficient and very eco-friendly as they use less energy than the previous generations of the LTO tape drives (LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4 and LTO5). It comes with a backward compatibility of two generations which means it can read information stored on the Quantum LTO4 and LTO-5 tapes. This would remove the need for companies to get more tapes of previous generations in order to store data. This would also reduce the need for a company to purchase tape drives of the previous generations thus reducing power costs and the need for more tapedrives. The backup system also has a fast backup and restore performance of 400 MB per second and 1.4 TB per hour. This means that the tape can be used in order to retrieve quite a lot of information very fast.

It has WORM (Write Once, Read Many) capabilities which would enable companies involved in healthcare or in the financial industry to meet the tough demands and regulatory requirements. Investment would be protected due to the

The Quantum LTO ultrium 6 tape would be a cheap and efficient investment. Its performance is far better and faster than its preceding generations. The Quantum media is durable and supported by Quantum itself. This backup system is designed for the demanding large business industry and would benefit them in the long run.

In conclusion, there shouldn’t be any hesitation that the large companies should purchase the LTO 6 backup tape system, and enjoy high performance with its amazing features and colossal capacity. The data won’t fall into wrong hands as they are secured by the robust 256 bit encryption.

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