Backup Efficiency and Security in Medium Organizations Can be Improved With Quantum LTO 5 Tape Solution

People say that it is easier to work with computers and having computerized systems in offices will actually reduce a lot of time it takes to finish a job. But there is so much one has to worry about when dealing with the computers because they are not humans and they certainly do not have the tendency to think for themselves or for others. They don’t even know that they are doing and why they are doing it. They are simply programmed to perform a certain number of tasks. One of the biggest problems people are facing because of the extensive use of computers is the problem of data loss. This problem has been there since ages and the only way to tackle with it is the data backup solution. Backing up has been made an integral part of almost everyone’s lives. For some people, backing up sounds like a term too technical and they think that this probably involves some technical things and devices and some expertise in the field. This is not true at all and many people need to be aware of the fact that backing up is a simple procedure that only involves the copying of the original data on some other backup storage device. This is done in order to keep the data safe form all sorts of threats that can lead to data loss. In case something happens to the original data, the copy of that data will be there to rely on and hence the data can easily be recovered as if it wasn’t even lost in the first place. Many businesses have started keeping proper and regular backups of their important data and this is done with the help from storage devices such as the Quantum LTO-5 backup tape.

The tape drives have undoubtedly been the best development so far for data backups. They have made everything so much easier for businesses especially. Small amounts of data on home computers and personal laptops are not a great deal to backup. A lot of thought is put into the backing up of the business data which is in tons. This is why backing up business data is not such a simple task after all. It has been made simple with the use of tape drives and similar storage cartridges. Tape drives have been there since a very long time though newer versions of them keeping showing up in the market with the latest advanced features and enhanced technological specifications. Quantum LTO 5 tape is the fifth generation of the LTO technology and it has been loaded with enhanced features and is definitely much better than the previous versions. Every business has different requirements and it is very important for businesses to keep in mind all their requirements before deciding which cartridge to use for their backups.

The Quantum LTO 5 ultrium tape is ideal for medium sized businesses and has a storage capacity of 3 TB with a data transfer rate of 280Mb/s.

Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of backuptapes and markets Sony LTX1500G and Quantum LTO 5 Tape.He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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