Backup Tape System Assures Superior Data Protection

The need for robust data protection has driven many companies to produce mirrored copies of their active business critical information on a SAN (storage area network) or onto another set of hard drives.  This results in doubling the amount of disk storage.  Consequently, the resources and efforts needed to maintain and manage higher volumes of active storage systems increase at a rapid rate.

In today’s competitive business environment, tape based solution are considered the best optimal option for off-site and off-line storage.  In comparison to the disk based systems, the backup tape media formats are the most intelligent, economical, secure, durable and high performance storage solutions. Tape based storage systems offer substantially lower maintenance, operational & acquisition costs.

Storage Industry’s top tape formats are LTO ultrium tape, Travan tape, SDLT tape, DLT tape, VXA tape, SLR-MLR tape, AIT tape and DDS/DAT tape.

New enhancements in magnetic recording have helped to further reduce the cost of storage in tape based systems.  Tape storage technology is almost 7 times more cost efficient and saves up to 75 percent on initial investment as compared to disk storage format.

SATA hard disks are now offering up to 2 TB of storage capacity. Thanks to the introduction of LTO-5 tape cartridges, this capacity gap has been decreased.  LTO5 cartridge can house massive data amounts that reach up to 1.5 terabytes (native).  Additionally, the users of tape based system can enjoy improved recording efficiency by boosting the storage capacity of their data tapes by 200% to 300%.  This has been made possible by the special data compression capability of the backup tape drives.   SDLT, LTO ultrium and DLT tape drives compress data at 2:1, AIT tape drives offer a bit higher 2.6:1, while the 3590 Enterprise tape drives offer an incredible 3:1 data compression.  This special data compression feature is not available in the disk based systems.

Tape storage technology secures your investment through its reliable and cost saving feature of backward compatibility.  In this way the organizations can also utilize their previous tape resources, thus leading to superior business value.

Few of the advanced tape cartridges and their part numbers have been mentioned below:

HP RDX cartridge

Lto Ultrium 5 tapes
MR-L5MQN-01, c7975a, ltx1500g, 46×1290,229323,61857

LTO Ultrium 4 tapes
C7974a, ltx800g, 183906,95p4436, 26247007

SLR tapes

Sony AIT-3 tape

Maxell DDS4 tape

LTO ultrium 2 tapes
D2405-LTO2, c7972a, 08l9870,19p5887,26220012,183850

Travan TR-5 tape

Fuji LTO3 tapes

Sony DAT-320 tape

The tape storage format also outclasses the disk based technologies in terms of data transfer rate. The fastest disk storage technologies SATA RAID-6 & RAID-5 deliver only half the throughput rate of the tape formats.  The transfer rate of LTO5 drives reaches a magnificent 280 Mbps in compressed form.  The tape drives assure sustained data transfer speed with rock solid reliability and at an amazingly low cost per gigabyte.

Tape storage formats offer highly robust data protection technologies such as the WORM “write-once, read-many” and the drive-level encryption.  Both of these are secure and dependable solutions for long term data preservation and compliance with rigid government regulations.

By all means, tape-based backup system is the best solution for modern data-intensive applications and exploding storage demands.

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