Barbie Dress Up Makeover Games

The sheer number of dress-up and makeover games available online for girls is proof of the genre’s popularity. It seems nearly every online game portal has links to dress-up and makeover games, and some sites specialize in this type of activity. Combine this popular style of gaming with the multi-generation popularity of Barbie and you have a magical combination. There are a number of Barbie-theme games that let kids use the mouse to dress and makeover Barbie and her friends.

Birthday Barbie Dressup

In this game, a Barbie doll stands in a dressing room awaiting the player’s personal touch to get her ready for the birthday party. As an instrumental version of the song “Love Me Do” by the Beatles plays in the background, the player designs an overall look for Barbie.

The player can choose from a palate of skin tones, hairstyles, dresses, shoes, jewelry, makeup and accessories. The player can also choose the background and even zoom in to make sure the makeup is just right with the outfit. The player can click finish to see an up close frame of her creation and watch as confetti falls in anticipation of the celebration. There is a print option for those who want to keep a hard copy of the design.

Barbie Dressup Makeover

Barbie Dressup Makeover is a Flash game on, a website dedicated to dress-up games and other activities geared toward girls. Players choose from four starter dolls to begin and proceed to choose from a large number of makeup, clothing and accessories options.

When the eyebrows have been shaped just the right way, the lipstick is perfect and the dress is exactly as it should be, the player can click “OK” and see their model on a cool background and inside a rotating star. The image can be printed for those who wish to keep a copy.

Superstar Makeovers

This game gives players the opportunity to start with a generic face and change the skin tone, hair color and style, eye color, lipstick color and gloss and clothing to create the best cover girl possible.

The game has the unique opportunity for players to tweak Barbie to get just the right look, and then publish her image to a magazine cover complete with customizable headlines. The magazine cover can then be printed as a full-size magazine cover or a mini-magazine, or even emailed to friends.

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