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With the rise of the army of Apple users, detached with Apple accessories after another, is also a wide variety of styles such as Beats By Dre headphones. How to choose the face of these styles Dr Dre Beats headphones things? This is the things Apple family are struggling. Of the Apple control are keen on fashion trends, the pursuit of excellence and avant-garde, in particular, must be taken seriously. This is like a set of distinguished dress accompanied by an equally distinguished hat, hat with inappropriately, that dress the grade is not only to be greatly reduced, there will be suspected of fake and shoddy. So, for your iPhone or iPad optional Beats Headphones, must not act in haste.

I recommend some iPhone earbuds for everyone, their common feature: with the headset with the Apple-wire, the sound quality is good, work well, although they have so many features in common, but the level and price of each feature is completely same. Soul By Ludacris vs Beats, let us take a look at their supernatural powers!

Beats By Dre Sale Product Description:
American brand in major shopping malls, and even stalls are available for sale, I believe that everyone is familiar with. Headphone sector, Dr Dre Beats Sale brand awareness should be the loudest, Beats Dre gesture has been relatively high-profile, this the Diddybeats small headset same. Beats By Dre Diddy all engineering details are to meet hiphop and R & B lovers desire, live recording effect is great. High polished enamel end cap leather wrapped housing design, concise fashion without losing individuality. ControlTalk call function, with built-in high-grade microphone, combined with soundproof headphones, so that the listener can calmly in a noisy environment.

Monster Beats Diddybeats In-Ear Earbuds Black

Beats By Dre In-Ear parameters:
Frequency response :20-20000Hz
Sensitivity: 115dB
Cable length: 1.2m
Color: black, pink, white
Wearing styles: Ear
Whether the microphone:
Plug Diameter: 3.5mm
Plug Type: L type

Beats By Dre Tour
Advantages: Brand loud, avant-garde design.
For the crowd: the pursuit of luxury loose money Apple controls have.

Beats By Dre Power
Advantages: stereo sense is strong workmanship.
For the crowd: with Apple’s version of Apple controls who do not care about packaging and the like buyers of German goods.

Beats By Dre urBeats
Advantages: in terms of appearance, sound quality, remote control, this headset are excellent price relative to quality, close to the people, and cost-effective.
For the crowd: Apple control their pursuit of high quality and practical view, the pursuit of the lovers of the ambience.

Beats By Dre iBeats
Advantages: design mellow and soft, more comfortable feeling.
For the crowd: Apple control their favor of Japanese goods, this is particularly suitable for women.

SL49 Soul By Ludacris Earbuds
Advantages: From Soul Electronics, innovative designs have personality, there are three colors to choose strong earmuffs Comfort. Headset for calls and audio effects are strong.
For the crowd: Apple products and Apple control their pursuit of fashionable Apple family who require a higher headset for calls and recording results.

More than five Apple-wire Cheap Dre Beats In-Ear, I brief you dwellers in accordance with their respective emphases and preferences slowly pick, carefully scouring Thank you for see! I wish you a happy shopping, from the Soul Electronics Outlet.

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