Beats Studio Headphones Ar Great, I Bought Them

beats Studio Headphones ar great, i bought them nw for th product. th Cheap beats Studio Headphones ar great, i bought them a my normal headphones broke and th wre pretty useless and culd hear everything else but the music on train journeys s decided to splash out bit n new ones. I dfnitly made the right choice. Obviously it wuld b stupid to sy that they’re th best headphones money an buy bcuse they’r not, but the r if you’re n sme sort f budget thrwse yu can spend hundreds but th beats Studio Headphones are great. Noise cancelling i great nd can”t hear nthng on th train one the music starts playing. Overall id give t 4*’s baue th’r not th bst but defntely worth evr penny. These beats headphones re from nthr cheap dr dre world. You n hear th singer breathing in live song , and sound quality i wonderful. These wr worth buying nd treasure them. They are vlbl n black/ White and thr colours (+s) and lk vry good. You an wear ths fr song time wthut thm hurting your ears, a the padding i soooo soft. It ls ms with 2 cables , red iPod cable nd a black iPhone cable which you cn answer our phone (iphone) from whilst ung th headphones. The hard carry case is vr good nd wll protect your beats ALWAYS! The AAA batteries which g int th headphones lt long tie and don’t need to change thm often. beats SOLO Headphones worth gettng but cnsidr carefully Overall, vry good pair of beats SOLO Headphones and well worth gettng but cnsidr carefully befre completing ur purchase. dr dre sale The entire Monster Beats by Dr. Dre range i brilliant but I decided t choose thes n n articulr n recommendation b friend. I wa pleased, s always, by th speed at which delivered the product (three days on supersaver delivery) and from th onset I wa impressed. However, I w dubious a t thir vlue for money nd I hope tht thi review wll answer th questions tht people, who r n a similar situation t what I was, might have. The firt thing to point ut how comfortable and light thse headphones are. With extensive padding the headphones sit comfortably on the head nd sit easily on th ears and are ver easy going. However, despit ths I w stll amazed t ther sturdiness. In th past I have owned beats headphones which, unlike th beats, don’t cheap dr dre headphones feel firm nd secure on th head. Before thee headphones I hve nevr had pair f headphones that have been sturdy but nt uncomfortable and comfortable nd nt o delicate tht th re useless in everyday situations. These headphones have managed t retain th comfort but nt sacrifice bing robust. Secondly, the sound quality is send t none. I have experienced songs through m beats in a w vastly superior t hw I had before. Being qute nt ‘dubstep’ and ‘drum and bass’ tracks thse headphones hv bn pricelessly worthwhile. Monster themelve say, “Artists nd producers spend countless hours fine-tuning nd mixing music t get t xctl how they wnt ther fans t hear it. But the vast majority of headphones n’t accurately reproduce th intricacies produced in the studio. Simply put, Studios can.” They hve a vr solid deep dr dre sale bass whh important fr my individual music requirements. The noise cancellation results n a vry slight hissing noise which wll irritate at firt but one ver sn adapts and fter bout three days f using the Cheap beats SOLO Headphones. The style i iconic and beautifully slick. They ar very pleasing t the eye nd r top dollar in th look department. I don’t, however, agree wth th criticisms tht th onl reasin th sell because f their label nd reputation. As meon wh h never understood th sense in buying designer clothing that i almost identical to a non-branded product but costs thre times the price bcue f a tick n it, t ms absurd t me tht people should treat these beats Pro headphones n the am way. As I hope I hav alrdy explained th headphones re dr dre sale extremely comfortable and the sound quality. beats Pro headphones re extremely comfortable and the sound quality The Headphones run n two AAA batteries nd the Duracell batteries I hve had n thm hav lasted fr a good tw and half weeks f use – my friend thinks that th wll g for ne week playing music constantly, at a snble volume, befor running out of power – whch I thnk is pretty good. HOWEVEVER: Despite thse amazing features there is n problem that prevents the headphones frm receiving a fiv star review. The only issue I hve with thee headphones s th noise leakage issue. It s becmng quite trait thrughout the reviews and I would b crazy t tr nd suggest that it s nt n issue – t is. However, t mght be bad but t n’t quit dr dre headphones as bad s mn reviews m have suggested. It i an issue but I am nt overly conscious f it. I don’t beleve tht it s s bad a om hv made it seem. It i ultimately u to u whether ou wnt t gt the headphones. Overall, I am vr happy with the product and I spent my money well. They r wll worth gtting and I wuld highly advise ung to buy thm because, nt only, is thr price much lower than most retailers sell thm but th postal service s good nd th hav an excellent return system – whch I discovered when purchasing kindle.Overall, vr good pair f cheap beats detox headphones nd wll worth getting.

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