BEN CAXTON HAD AWAKENED not knowing where he was nor what time itwas

BEN CAXTON HAD AWAKENED not knowing where he was nor what time itwas. It was dark around him, perfectly quiet, he was lying on something soft.
Not a bed-where was he?
The night came back in a rush. The last he clearly remembered he had beenlying on the soft floor of the Innermost Temple, talking quietly and intimatelywith Dawn. She had taken him there, they had immersed, shared water,grown closer- Frantically he reached around him in the dark, found nothing.
.Dawn!Light swelled softly to a gentle dimness. .Here, Ben..Oh! I thought you had gone!.I didnt intend to wake you. She was wearing-to his sudden and intensedisappointment-her robe of office. .I must go start the Sunrisers OuterService. Gillian isnt back yet. As you know, it was a fairly big class.Her words brought back to him things she had told him last night thingswhich, at the time, had upset him despite her gentle and quite logicalexplanations . . . and she had soothed his upset until he found himselfagreeing with her. He still was not quite straight in his mind he didnt grok itall-but, yes, Jill was probably still busy with her rites as high priestess-a task,or perhaps a happy duty, that Dawn had offered to take for her. Ben felt atwinge that he really should have been sorry that Jill had refused, hadinsisted that Dawn get much needed rest.
But he did not feel sorry. .Dawn … do you have to leave? He scrambled tohis feet, put his arms around her.
.I must go, Ben dear … dear Ben. She melted up against him.
.Right now? In such a rush?.There is never, she said softly, .that much hurry. Suddenly the robe nolonger kept them apart. He was too bemused to wonder what had become ofit.
He woke up a second time, found that the .little nest he was in lighted softlywhen he stood up. He stretched, discovered that he felt wonderful, thenlooked around dre beats sale the room for his shorts. They were not in sight and no way forthem to be out of sight. He tried to recall where he had left them . . . and hadno recollection of ever having taken them off. But he certainly had not wornthem into the water. Probably beside the pool in the Innermost Temple- Hemade a mental note to stop back there and pick them up, then went out andfound a bathroom.
Some minutes later, shaved, showered, and refreshed, he did remember tolook into the Innermost Temple, failed to find his shorts and decided thatsomebody, Patty maybe, had noticed them and put them near the outer doorwhere apparently everybody kept what they needed for street wear . . . saidto hell with it and grinned at himself for cheap beats by dre having made such a jittery old-maidissue last night out of wearing them or not. He needed them, here in theNest, the way he needed a second head.
Come to think of it, he didnt have the slightest trace of a head-a hangoverhead-although he recalled that he had had more than several drinks withDawn. Hadnt got drunk, as he recalled, but certainly more than he ordinarilyallowed himself-he couldnt sop up the stuff the way Jubal did without payingfor it.
Dawn didnt seem to be affected by liquor at all-which was probably why hehad gone over his usual quota. Dawn . . . what a gal, what a gal! She hadnteven seemed annoyed when, in a moment of emotional confusion, he hadcalled her Jill-she had seemed pleased.

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