Best ERP Manufacturing Software – Reduce Cost Of Production And Increase Sales

Though today many enterprise resource planning software are available for manufacturing units yet lot of analysis is required to choose best type of ERP manufacturing software. Today SAP manufacturing, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta, Infor, Sage, Tally and few more are popularly used as manufacturing software yet one has to compare the requirements after analyzing the business with the software to choose the best type of ERP software. Some of the modules found in ERP manufacturing software are master data, product data, service management, SCM, CRM, HRM, production, enterprise performance management, sales and financials. Recently number of software has surged in the market with lesser price and low cost of maintenance but selection of the software shall be done not before analyzing the requirements in full.

One of the main features of the best type of ERP software is to provide simplified methodologies for generating RFP. The buyer can check the documents if module enquires about the vendors, its services, customer base and stability. Pricing structure is one of the most important parts of RFP and also legal obligations shall be handled properly. Overall the software should aim and capable of increasing sales, reducing cost of production, increase market share and should be scalable to adept to the changing needs in the future.

The best type of ERP manufacturing software should provide the company integrated inventory control, flawless resource planning, proper raw material acquisition and shop floor control. It should also be able to keep history and track of products after sales, manage purchase orders, production scheduling and eliminate double entries.

The best type of ERP manufacturing software should also possess capability to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality of products, it should be able to increase production cycles by reducing lead time and making process speedier and should reduce wastage and total work cycle time. Large manufacturing units may have marketing offices at different locations, these locations can be within the country or may be beyond. The software should be able to provide control over these units irrespective of their geographical locations. Similarly even manufacturing units of any large organization can be at distant locations, management of these units shall be easier, efficient and transparent through ERP software for manufacturing units. Overall the best type of ERP manufacturing software shall have scope for globalization of business.

Better market visibility and accurate predictions about changes in the supply and demand is another feature which shall be available in the best type of ERP manufacturing software. Integration of ERP with other software developed in different technologies is also an important aspect of the manufacturing software, in absence of smooth integration the efficiency of the enterprise resource planning software is bound to get reduced in future.

Sound reporting system helps the management in taking timely and correct decisions which is a necessary feature of quality ERP manufacturing software. It should also help in making communication with vendors, partners, suppliers and also with customers smooth and prompt. Better communication develops customer satisfaction, improves quality of product, increases company’s credibility and also increases overall business and profit margins.

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