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In addition to their talk about black beauty, Essence revealed babyliss straightener for sale plans for their 2014 Essence Festival, which marks the program s 20th anniversary, the first-ever Essence Street Style Awards and another successful Essence Women Who Are Shaping The World Conference.As the 2001 pioneers of boho-chic, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were also the original arbiters of casually done hair.

That done-undone thing that is being lauded as a hair trend for right now? The Olsen twins (and, yes, the French) have been doing that since birth (see here for evidence.)Their hairstylist Mark Townsend (who has been working with them since 2002  when they were filming their Italian caper When in Rome) revealed to the Coveteur that the Olsens’ hair routine is actually as low-key as it appears. It’s not quite, This is just how my hair looks after yet another seamless day in the life of transitioning from child star to critically lauded fashion designer. But very close.The secret to that tousled texture appears to be dry shampoo and genetics. Townsend tells the Coveteur that they even taught him a thing or two about embracing your hair’s natural texture. “Everything I know about hair texture, I learned from Mary-Kate and Ashley, or, more appropriately, I have such an incredible appreciation of hair texture because of them. They are blessed with having great texture and natural wave in their hair, so we don’t have to spend a lot of time to get that perfectly tousled look. The biggest secret is the dry shampoo  it gives the hair such amazing texture.”Other interesting tidbits: Ever the minimalist, Mary-Kate even puts a cap on the number of hairpins allowed in her hairdo.

Her biggest rule: no more than 5 hairpins ever and I MOSTLY stick to that!” And they love a DIY mix that Townsend made for them using health food ingredients: “I recently made up a conditioner for the girls to take with them on their vacations and told them to put it in their hair before swimming and while in the sun; it was coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. All things I picked up at the health food store! When they got back, they both asked me for more and I could feel a huge difference in their hair. They use it a couple times a week and leave it in for up to an hour.”On a recent afternoon, they strolled through the doors of the Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club with matching outfits and beaming smiles. They appeared exactly alike from head to toe, including their jewelry.They have dressed alike all their lives.We talk to each other at 7 o clock in the morning to plan our day, said Naimoli, the wife of the original Tampa Bay Devil Rays owner Vince Naimoli.  We both play golf, tennis, and work out together here at the Tampa Palms country club. They were at the club that day to meet friends for Vince Naimoli s 76th birthday celebration.The women, who live about 20 minutes apart, said they enjoy spending time together. Naimoli, who lives in the prestigious Avila community, and Young, a 25-year resident of Tampa Palms, said much of their lives are centered around activities at the country club.When they are not at the club, the sisters enjoy shopping together and buying the same clothes.

This season the standard plait is having it s shining moment on the runway and we love that the looks are so easy to replicate. Whether you style a small plait into a basic ponytail, or you opt for a slightly more  undone side plait, your look can be achieved in a few minutes and is guaranteed to add some extra pizazz to any outfit.This Friday’s first ever Syracuse Fashion Weekend runway show will feature local and international designers and benefit the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital at Upstate Medical University.The show was postponed twice earlier this year, before locking in the October 11 date from 7-9 p.m.It’s going to happen now, I promise you,” said the show’s executive producer Esmeralda Harwood, in an interview last June.After four years producing fashion shows in New York City, Harwood moved to Syracuse and wanted to create a major fashion event here, to foster development of young fashion artists and raise money for a cause important to the community.Hosted by Moda Week International at the Oncenter Convention Center, the show will feature fall fashion from international fashion designers Walid Atallah from Dubai, U.A.E., Tito Mohamed from Egypt and Manuel Palferez from the Dominican Republic.Harwood babyliss big hair rotating brush first connected with Atallah while working at New York City’s Couture Fashion Week. The gowns he will bring to Syracuse are expected to be valued in the millions.The show will also feature designs from local business Mr. Shop, Syracuse University fashion designers G Hyun Kim and Tiffany Wu of Folie à deux, Cazenovia College fashion designer Quiessha Fanesse Burn and Fayetteville-Manlius High School fashion designer Chloe Schnell.Remember last season how we all joked that Nashville, perhaps assuming they d get the ax from ABC, had crammed four seasons worth of plots into their first year?

It was hella fun  a lesser show would ve milked Maddie s paternity mystery, for example, until at least season three  but now we are seeing the fallout from that rush to denouement: Awkwardly rammed-in plot threads and characters that were meant to have been there the whole time. So of course, I m talking about Zoey (played by Chaley Rose  which I suppose is marginally better than being named Geralda Rivera), the best friend Scarlett loves and confides in so much that she didn t mention her once in season one. And I m also talking about Deacon s daddy.I don t actually recall Deacon mentioning a drunk, abusive daddy, do you? Suddenly it s his major damage  and, in fact, the main thing that Coleman thinks Deacon must face head-on at his AA meetings. (Speaking of Coleman: As awkward as Zoey s insertion into the cast is, Coleman s apparent deletion is more so.  We re moving, he tells Deacon, out of the blue. Of course, people move all the time in real life, but on TV there s usually a little bit more setup.)So yeah, looks like dealing with his daddy issues is going to be Deacon s  deal this season  or at least one of them. (The guy has more deals than a Vegas blackjack table. That joke just killed with the coveted  45-to-85-year-old member of the Friars Club demographic.) And it s one of many reasons why he s reluctant to be a father to Maddie. He basically goes to Teddy and tells him not to worry  he won t be making babyliss perfect curl any kind of paternal claim on his daughter.

He also tries to give Teddy props for raising Maddie.Rayna s big deal this episode is the fact that she seems to have lost her voice. Just like last year, when Gunnar didn t tell anyone that he was singing his dead brother s song, I don t quite get why Rayna can t just tell Edgehill her vocal cords were temporarily damaged in the crash. Even if she is worried that her voice won t return, at least this buys her some time. But major kudos to commenter Mockingbird for figuring out that this whole  Rayna s lost her voice plot is quite possibly a very convenient way to get Connie Britton to, well, stop singing. We all know that Connie Britton is an amazing actress, with charm for days, and hair fashioned from the manes of unicorns  but, let s face it, she is the weak link as a singer on the show. A little vocal contusion and  voilà!  problem solved.Rayna s vocal problem is exacerbated because she s supposed to sing at the big Edgehill shareholder s showcase. She artfully sidesteps this by having Scarlett sing instead, thus invoking the wrath of Jeff Fordham. (By the way, they did give Scarlett the makeover I predicted, but it wasn t quite as trashtastic as I hoped. I think it was from Hot Topic s  Slutty Bumpkin line.) Juliette would ve sung at the showcase herself, but she had a previous commitment to perform at the anniversary party of the wealthy Charles Wentworth of Maryland.Please allow me to take you on the very special journey of self-discovery I went on as Juliette went to visit the Wentworths. The minute I saw Charles Wentworth, all smarmy and good-looking and tan, with that posh British accent of his, I thought: He is so going to make a pass at Juliette. But then, he hopped onstage to strum a little tune for his wife and, later  after suddenly sensitive Avery had stormed off in a huff  Juliette spied them lovingly canoodling together, and I literally wrote in my notes:  I need babyliss hair straighteners to be less cynical! Charles Wentworth actually loves his wife.

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