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Blackberry app development seems to have a taken a back seat in the last couple years. Most developers seem to be focussing all their attention to the iPhone and Android platforms. This seems fine since the number of users of iPhone and Android seem to increasing by leaps and bounds every year. However, I think omitting Blackberry App development from the list of your services would be a mistake.

Blackberry started out as business user devices and has since been trying to change its image trying to increase their user base and compete with iPhone and Android. A large section of Blackberry users can be categorised as business users even today.

This fact has somehow been ignored by a number of mobile app developers. I dare say that it’s the business users who usually have the money to spend on buying apps that they like. I discovered during my research that BlackBerry App World™ is the most profitable mobile application store for developers! According to Evans Data Corporation, 13% of vendors using BlackBerry App World are making over $100,000 which is more than Apple, Android and Windows Mobile.

The Blackberry platform remains profitable despite the blackberry development being on a steep decline. As per the study done by Vision mobile, the average monthly revenue from a app on the Blackberry platform is more than that of iOS and Android. The figures mentioned there are BlackBerry app – $3,853, iOS- $3,693 and $2,735 for Android.

Another major thing in which Blackberry development scores points over other platform is the development cost. As per the study the cost of developing typical apps on Blackberry platform is around $10000 cheaper than iOS and around $7000 cheaper than Android. It’s something to consider when you think about the services you will be providing.

Anyway, it seems these days that all the Blackberry developers are jumping the sinking ship and moving to greener pastures. However looking closely it would not be a bad decision if you decided to provide Blackberry development service, considering the number of developers moving to other platforms, you would be in a great place with much less completion.


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Jeet Patel is a Senior Business Analyst at Etisbew Technology group a <a href=””> Blackberry Application Development Company </a>. He has done his MBA from Coventry University, UK.

Etisbew is Global Software Solutions Provider and has an impressive track record and expertise in the latest Internet Marketing Techniques, Internet advertising techniques, Information Technology, Website Redesign, Custom Application Development, ColdFusion, Dotnet, Php, Java and Search Engine Optimization.

We recognize the specific marketing needs of our customers better, and we posses skilled resources to develop and execute best Internet marketing strategies. We have always been very successful service providers in Internet marketing and Search engine Optimization services by surpassing our customers’ expectations.


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