boredom Nais is also lazy to manage those pedestrians

Is again a morning that autumn what stuffs this day, formed a habit with six force of Niang Xis for these several years, have already let the blessing treasure get up early and early.With recruited a wealth to once use breakfast Supra Skytop High Tops Men , afraid be sought by the dad to force to learn to do business, 2 people secretly and silently the Liu mansion go, 100 meters place contains one stone bridge outside Zhu Fu Men, the bridge bottom contains a concealment bridge hole, that is the secret base of blessing treasure, each time two dogs they severals will wait a blessing treasure here.Listen to the arrangement of blessing treasure going and following her to set out to go to so-called line of Xia battle righteousness.

They just arrived bridge hole side, recruited wealth sharp-eyed, see the knoll looked about by the side of the hole and saw they arrive, delight not already, the favour runs to come over accolade:”Ms. Bao, where do we go today?”Recruit a wealth to connect a mouth way:”You why the hurry, young lady from will arrange.”Already 10-year-old recruit a wealth to also grow also is to have delicate supra footwear uk
looks, commit tomfoolery with blessing treasure every day, in addition to clapping in front of blessing treasure, is also what all can’t, will be as a bully with a coward’s heart as the behind in blessing treasure, extremely bossy.Hear recruit a lightly drinking of the wealth, bridge hole the inside come out to four people again, is all bicycle footman of blessing treasure, every make trouble to all have their several individuals.

Several individuals round a blessing treasure and slip away beard to clap a horse, it is very enjoyable to make every effort to receive to let to accept a blessing treasure, hence say to them, we today heel I literally turn down the street, they naturally favour not the Die nod to call BE.

The blessing treasure slips away hurriedly, didn’t in time come out Ma Ji, can not dance in the wind horsewhip and show off the force spread fame, also some cheerful flavors however.Those people’s pouring is to follow behind to walk on air.

The morning of early autumn still fills the air in fine threads mist, on the street already Supra TK Society High Tops Men have sparse sparse 22 pedestrianses is walking, occasionally can also see 12 stores have already prepared to open the door to do business.Already 13-year-old blessing treasure long Gao many, still be dressed in constant fire of that whole body red, the style of clothing is easy, but she uses soft Luo of gold silk to fasten a huge bowknot between each waist and show alacrity good-looking.She the eye pupil of that pure brightnesses, the Yi Yi is shining, grow long of eyelash tinily quiver wear, the skin of pure white without blemish deeply is light pink, very thin double of lipses as flower young and delicate, a head of is jet black long hair tied up two small hair Jis with the red turban, is that one is lucid and attractive forever can the person’s shape.

Two dogs they several usually so the Chi Chi looking at her, they don’t know as well why, want to can looking at a blessing treasure every day like this, will even involuntarily listen to the order of blessing treasure, be do a bad matter again, they will also shine on to listen to a mistake not, these several years their parents also because they always follow a blessing treasure, Rao of everywhere the street border on not get quiet and peaceful, once beat and scold them how much time, they are to don’t listen to, as long as being that the blessing treasure is a to slightly smile, they even if be been much painful by the board novella, will also bite a tooth to keep up with the step of blessing treasure, faithfully of Be obeyed orders to a blessing treasure.

This morning, the blessing treasure takes her followerses to have no the destination bums down the street, gradually the pedestrian is more and more, stranger as long as the title sees a blessing treasure them, the meeting silently back a part cheap supra shoes uk and set up shop the small Si of spreading the door if pay no attention to see a blessing treasure, will also immediately Shan enter building inside, could not see shadow of human figure any further, the child being crying is been a by the mother, “still cry, spoilt daughter of a rich family grasped you to come!”Right away shut up.That such as kid of fairy general of blessing treasure, imitate a Buddha in cloud state person’s eyes is a cannibalism don’t vomit the devil of bone, the everyone only and perhaps avoids it to cannot compare with.

The blessing treasure of 100 boredom Nais is also lazy to manage those pedestrians, people of street are all doing those same matters every day, nothing important new meaning.Second, street up is the place that pushes again, as long as is she once walks, will become spacious, the nobody dare rob a way with her, she thinks that the everyones all fear her and fear her and dare not offend her, and she will become the Xia female whom six Niangs says.

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