Britain’s coal mining situation

British coal mining industry have had a glorious history. Early World War II, the British miners, the number reached 70 million people, even in the mid-1980s, 250 coal mines STONE CRUSHER MANUFACTURERS IN INDIA in the country still has 280,000 full-time miners. In 1994, the United Kingdom implemented the privatization of the coal industry, a significant reduction in coal production over the same period, one of the reasons is from South Africa, Russia, Colombia, cheap imported coal competition, and the second is due to nuclear power plants and natural gas power plant generating capacity increases , leading to reduced coal-fired power generation, coal demand is reduced. In addition, the UK serious aging mines, mining costs are high, the rise of renewable energy and other reasons, resulting in the British coal mining industry losing international competitiveness, become a veritable “sunset industry.” By the end of 2006, the UK has 57 coal mines, including underground coal mines 18 (11 seats in England, seven seats in Wales), Opencast 39, 24 seats in Scotland. 2005 with an annual output of about 20.5 million tons of coal.

¬†UK Coal Company is the UK’s largest coal STONE CRUSHER MACHINE PRICE IN INDIA producer, but also the European Union’s largest coal producing company. Currently English 17 underground coal mining licenses in seven of the company held. In 2005 the country operator 19 coal mines, the annual production capacity of 3,000 tons. 2005 UK Opencast 41, mostly in Scotland, a total of 16 operators. Scottish Coal Company is the UK’s major coal mine operators, 2005 holds 14 coal mine licenses are located in Scotland. Over the past 10 years, the British coal production declined.

Coal accounts for about 41% of UK energy consumption, equivalent to 52 million tons of coal. 2004 coal consumption was 60.6 million tons, imports reached 36.1 million tons. Nearly two years since the International Energy and Mineral prices increased significantly, stimulated investments in coal developers want, some of Britain’s coal mines had closed again be developed. August 1, 2007, closed for nearly 10 years, Wales Nice Valley area re-produced the first batch of coal mine coal. The mine is now all Unity station closed in 1998. Currently forecast to 90 million tons of coal reserves, recoverable time of 25 years. The initial stage of planning the future of the mine 1,000,000 tons annual output of coal supply in the domestic market, while exports of France and Germany. August 1 coal BALL MILL MANUFACTURER IN INDIA mining is only the first attempt. At present, the quality of the coal mine is also in the evaluation. But records show that prior to its calorific value of 32-34GJ / ton, the sulfur content of 0.7%. Unity Power hopes the first quarter of 2008 in full production. In addition to the coal mines, Unity Power also plans to develop another four Welsh similar projects.

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