Capacity and Performance of HP LTO Ultrium 4 Solution Compared With The Previous LTO 3 Backup Tape Format

All types of organizations and businesses are experiencing an immense growth in their digital data amounts. LTO ultrium, an open tape storage technology, is a leading backup format in small to large scale enterprises. Organizations that have to store, manage and share large data sets trust LTO tape technology. Five successive generations have made LTO backup tape the format of choice for many data rich organizations.

HP Hewlett Packard is an industry-leading LTO brand and also the co-developer of LTO format. HP’s fourth generation LTO4 media solution offers 25% faster transfer speed and double the capacity of HP LTO ultrium3 technology. Therefore with HP LTO ultrium4 solution, the business enterprises can easily backup twice the amount of critical business data at an affordable price. Lesser physical space will be required to preserve the HP LTO ultrium 4 cartridges, whereas the customers can save more time with faster backup rate and media access time. As compared to the LTO ultrium2 tape format, the LTO4 tape solution reduces the dataset by 75%.

HP C7974A, LTO4 tape features a remarkable 800GB / 1.6TB capacity. On the other hand, the LTO3 media cartridge can retain 400GB / 800GB data. HP LTO 4 drives are being offered in both full & half height architectures, which provides the IT managers convenience and instant connectivity to a wider array of backup environments. Like LTO ultrium3 technology, the HP LTO4 solution also incorporates the “write-once, read-many (WORM)” mechanism. So the LTO4 customers can create secure data backup, which is demanded by the government and industry legislations. In addition, LTO4 format’s built-in data encryption functionality further elevates the data security level. So your business critical data cannot be used maliciously even if your tape cartridge is stolen or misplaced.

HP LTO4 drive can read/write data at a super-fast speed of 240 Mbps, thus achieving a backup rate of 860 GB/hour. 1 GB data can be seamlessly backed up onto LTO4 backup tape within 4.2 seconds. That is why HP LTO ultrium4 is the top choice for many mission-critical IT environments, commercial applications, data rich enterprises, medium sized companies and popular servers. Thinner magnetic layer and ultra-fine magnetic particles has helped to achieve higher recording density. This helps to increase the recording area’s size. As a result, the HP LTO 4 backup tape can easily house more amounts of data and handle the pressure of high-speed backup operations.

Smooth base film enables better data tracking and reduces the noise level. In order to ensure reliable restore/backup process, HP has embedded an innovative mechanical interlock and smart grabber mechanism in LTO4 ultrium tape. It enables precise head-to-tape contact and prevents leader loss.

Exceptional capability to write/read LTO ultrium3 tapes is also offered by the HP LTO4 drives, which makes LTO system’s up-gradation more cost-effective. Furthermore, the LTO 4 drives are also capable of extracting stored data from LTO 3 media cartridges with superior reliability.

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