Causes And Symptoms Of Pre Ejaculation And Effective Treatment

Pre ejaculation of clear white fluid during foreplay or arousal is a common occurrence for all men. However, some men release too much pre-cum instead of releasing the actual semen leading to unwanted mess and infertility. Biologically the purpose of the pre-cum or pre ejaculation is to lubricate the reproductive organs and protect the sperms in the acidic vagina. But, if there is a problem producing too much or no pre cum, advanced medical analysis is a must. The situation might arise due to several reasons from adrenal gland malfunction to prostrate damage. If your normal sex life is getting affected because of too much pre ejaculation, do not hesitate to take proper medical treatment immediately.

Main Causes of Pre Ejaculation

1. The main cause is over masturbation. It is an early warning for premature ejaculation and weak erection.

2. Dysfunction of adrenal glands due to rough handling and over usage of male organ is also a reason. Severe blows on the male organ due to accident or injuries might also affect the adrenal glands.

3. Weakness in parasympathetic sexual nerves will cause several problems including severe cramps. Excess pre ejaculation might be a symptom of nervous disorder too.

4. Rough masturbation more than three times a day leads to overproduction of prostaglandin E-2, hormone which might affect the ejaculation valve and the endocrine glands severely. This will make controlling ejaculation quite difficult.

5. The pre ejaculation secretion originates from the Bulbourethral glands or the Cowper’s glands. Severe damage to them due to sudden blows, urinary infection or diseases like measles will result in excess or low pre cum secretion. Tumors in the gland will lead to prostate cancer in future.

6. Some men produce nearly 5 ml of pre cum each time they have normal sex. They inherit the trait to do so from their elders, genetically. Checking the medical history of the family will help you determine whether your habits are family oriented and normal or problematic.

Hygienic toilet and lovemaking habits, minimal masturbation and timely treatment for infectious diseases are important to have a healthy sex life and general well being. Most men cease to pay attention to minor health problems, until it turns out to become something life threatening or savings threatening. Uncontrolled masturbation from a very early age leads to several health complications later.

Symptoms of Pre Ejaculation

1. Uncontrollable leakage from the penile region even on slight arousal. Unable to control the leakage voluntarily.

2. Continuous secretion of fluid for hours even after lovemaking.

3. Unconscious leakage of pre cum during exhaustive physical work.

4. Pain in the lower back during pre cum secretion.

5. Severe pain in the muscles and joints accompanied by rigid muscles during ejaculation.

Pre ejaculation dysfunction is just a warning sign of the long list of health problems that will follow. The immediate problem which follows pre ejaculation is premature ejaculation. Ceasing or controlling masturbation immediately for a few days will save several future health complications. If you have any or all of these symptoms, wake up now and start being a little more careful. You can use an effective natural and safe herbal treatment NF Cure capsule to cure problem of pre ejaculation. Take this herbal treatment for 2 to 3 months to cure this problem from the root.

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