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Currently, the market all walks of life have entered a critical period at the end of the inventory liquidation, many enterprises have done in detailed the years of sales rate of return and planning the next year’s budget, etc. But in the inventory balance, a lot of enterprises are also found a very urgent problem, that is the product of the enterprise loan recovery air max 90 is still very low, even directly restrict the enterprise the next product line layout, even some enterprises will face the tragic fate of the capital chain rupture. Dig them, specific for two reasons. One is the enterprise indefinitely a shop goods merchants, blindly pursue terminal nike air max market expansion, ignore the other objective existence risk factors; With the first enterprise overall mode of operation are concerned, and the former is often lead to loan recovery difficult fund chain linking difficulties of the most fundamental reasons. The following is air max 90 author in the shoe industry as an example to carry out specific analysis.
As is known to all, the current shoe market is suffering from serious European debt crisis and rising prices double factors of strong attack, a lot of shoes enterprises also this into a marketing difficult nike high heels wai station.
In order to break shoe city development inhibitions and take more terminal share, most shoes enterprises are quietly on the “shop goods” development path, and hope that borrows from the preferential policy, seeking to more has the market strength agents to preliminary jordan heels relief shoes enterprises operating pressure. But it is worth further consider is, choose strength agents may to some extent alleviate shoes enterprises profit crisis, but if the long-term growth rate, also will cause shoes enterprise a lot of money be tied up.
Especially with the current cheap jordan heels terminal node number increases, the regional agent shop goods ability also obvious in strengthening, terminal joining trader have accounts receivable amount has increased accordingly. The two in the middle of it, if the terminal footwear digestive ability didn’t get the corresponding ascension that would objectively led directly to the footwear market inventory rates continue to rise. In this way, the shoes enterprise agent collection efforts also will more and more weak, and thus inevitably caused the shoes enterprise capital chain vicious cycle. So in addition, shoes enterprises agent default debt collection or extend the collection period is also there are other objective limitations Shoes enterprise and how to break it

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