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In one scene, Marina is watching JFK on TV, Trachtenberg says, “and she’s like, ‘He’s so handsome, he’s so strong.’ That’s the crux. Marina’s a dream girl — she believes in fairy tales, and her husband comes and ruins her fairy tale.”
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Masterson was a kid when Kennedy was murdered, and says it was “spooky” to write the motorcade scene for Killing Kennedy. When watching it filmed, “I felt like a second-grader out on the playground being told to pray for the man who had just been shot.”

The real Jackie Kennedy blacked out almost the entire experience because of the trauma involved.
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“When shown footage of what she had done, she couldn’t relate at all to it,” Goodwin says. “What they did find later was that, in crawling over the back of the car immediately after that third bullet hit, she was going after a piece of his head that was rolling off the back of the car. She had a primal instinct to put him back together again.”
Doing that kind of scene is “unplayable” for an actor, Lowe says. “You just have to be that man in that moment in that life. And in that moment of life, he was very happy.”

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