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While the hand is holding a gun ,but Yamada two suits can proceed without hesitation to the dive ,to Yamada for a little time .Since have used a gun ,the paper will not reveal more timberland shoes ,he decided to end the finger gun ,a trigger ,and three bullets were expelled ,hit Yamada and two of his knee ,they lost the ability to act . If three people would scream so alarmed at outside ,to the text immediately ,with rifle butts and the three person to be knocked out .Stunned after Yamada ,Matsushima Momoe and Da Michiko a timberland jacket few steps ,on the way to the walk ,to help two people use ropes to unlock . In two to help people in the process of solving the rope ,to the hand will inevitably come into contact with Matsushima Momoe Da Michiko and two skin ,big rich and delicate, small and delicate playing the hand ,but the same is white skin timberland outlet like ,let to the article can not help a bit restless . A Nijiaduo ! A large rounded and full, small strong compact ,end is very attractive ,especially ,it is a pair of mother and daughter ,the taboo feeling to the fast of Asamatsu Shimamomose and Da Michiko and daughter somewhere two people standing ovation !Matsushima Momoe and Da Michiko two cheap timberland people bow bending degree just to the lower height ,so the two of them in a straight waist when it to the relaxed leisure pants in the towering set up tents, two jiao face at the same time a slight red ,shy heart is a pound ,but they to stand up to the the behavior is not objectionable ,but indistinct cheap timberland is delighted feeling ,because it means his two man to the attractive . Matsushima Momoe can control their own emotions ,appear quite subtle, but the youth moving Da Michiko is bold to the ogle my love .Matsushima Momoe and Da Michiko two people present themselves to the account ,really is a bit embarrassed ,but he is now back to Ozawa Yuuko timberland shoes Da Masao and two Men’s North Face Hoodie, or even more awkward ,he habitually touch nose ,was also in the era :from a gun YY people of mother and daughter, there, buddy ,when did you become so beast . Then to the dark transported onwards Qingxin tactic ,tents soon disappears .Although the small Japanese to understand ,but to thank you for timberland jacket such simple words or understand, he didn ,is neither fish nor fowl said: no a Nijiaduo ! Cluck . .. … The answer is of course attracted to Ozawa Yuuko and Matsushima Momoe the mother of three who coax however laugh ,make originally the oppressive atmosphere suddenly lightened ;as for Da Masao ,he is in no mood to laugh, his eyes cheap timberland were staring at the side of a gun . Brother ,you should say doyitaximaxide ( multiple clothing it hi Marcy generation) ,rather than no a Nijiaduo ,ha ha … … The corrected Ozawa Yuuko simmer with laughter .

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