Cisco 1841-Series Routers are Ideal For SMB Segment

In today’s multi-functional and busy IT environment, security and fast data transfer are critically important for any network block. Additionally the networks solutions should be flexible, durable and allow smooth scalability. So the customers of complex IT centers turn to Cisco, the superior brand in network devices.

Cisco routers are equipped with advanced security features and ensure safe data transfer to the end-users. Cisco is proud to introduce an unparalleled range of routers. In this article, the innovative features and superior performance of 1841-series routers will be highlighted. Cisco 1841 routers feature IOS software that allows hardware-based encryption. Additionally, this solution has combined a number of other functionalities like SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), SSH (Secure Shell Protocol), NAC (Network Admissions Control), GET (Group Encrypted Transport) VPN, SSL Web VPN, Easy VPN, IPS support, (DMVPN) Dynamic Multipoint VPN, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), IP Security, 3DES (Triple DES), DES (Digital Encryption Standard) and IOS Firewall. You must be amazed to know about these exceptional features, but that’s not all; this is just the beginning. It offers leading-edge SSL VPN encryption-acceleration, IPSEC and many other network functionalities.

So, small & midsized companies can be confident that they are using the most intelligent, secure and adaptable Cisco network solution. 1841-series routers reflect Cisco’s 20-year technical excellence and leadership. These intelligently designed routers provide a resilient and smart solution for scalable and fast delivery of vital enterprise applications. Its compact architecture maximizes space efficiency and supports the complex infrastructures. Interface card slot has been significantly increased, thus supporting more than 30 multi-flex trunk cards and WICs (WAN interface cards). It works excellently new/existing modules and incorporates 10/100 Ethernet ports. Moreover, the on-board security system provides complete peace of mind. Cisco’s integrated service routers deliver industry-leading connectivity options, security and a complete package of IOS software and transport protocols.

Good news is that VPN performance of Cisco 1841 routers can be further improved with IPS (intrusion prevention system), VPN acceleration module and firewall. It features ports for additional integrated switches along with an exceptional range of interfaces. Integrated real-time clock is an exclusive feature that has sharply enhanced its efficiency. Value-conscious customers will surely be pleased to know that it performs excellently with HWICs (WAN Interface Cards), and the increased slot density allows trouble-free expansion of network. These new HWIC slots deliver an unmatched transfer speed of 800 MB/sec.

Cisco 1841 router provides IT staff complete assurance of concurrent services as their SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM) and Flash memory has been increased to 256 MB and 64 MB respectively. So the customers of busy networks will experience unparalleled and consistent performance. Thanks to Cisco Auto-install mechanism, the businesses can save time and money as they won’t have to send their I.T staff off-site to configure the remote routers. Cisco router provides exceptional flexibility of simultaneous services deployment, and enables trouble-free integration with the broadest array of interface cards and modules. The encryption functionality provides robust end-to-end security, thus making it a perfect standalone solution for mission critical applications.

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