Clothes versus other methods of promotion

In the world of today, advertisement is an important tool as it helps companies, businesses, people, celebrities and countries inform others about their existence. This tool helps a lot in the long run because more people are made aware of a certain cause, company, individual or event, too. It also helps in the short run because where, for example, there is an upcoming concert, event or a special day (such as Valentine’s Day or Independence Day) because people are made aware of these beforehand. That is the power of advertisement.

There are many forms of advertisement- billboards, ads on the television, endorsement on certain shows, etc. Promotional apparel is another form of advertisement which involves the usage of clothes in order to advertise causes, events or individuals. Often event planners sell or hand away t-shirts at events in order to attract more people. These shirts will have the logos of the company or something similar printed on them.

Such shirts may be given at launches in order to advertise themselves and to create awareness regarding the company. Similarly shirts and other clothes of the sort are given at political campaigns by political parties and people who support a certain party or an individual from a party purchase these clothes to show who they stand by. In comparison to this, television, banners, billboards and ads given in magazines, though effective to an extent, are expensive and you can only use these for a certain time period considering the costs.

Clothes can be washed, used and reused again and again. Clothes are also the first thing any person notices when they meet a person  and so, many people inquire about a shirt, it’s make or its purpose when they see their friends wearing these. Television and magazine advertisements, billboards and online ads would only be noticed by people who have the time to see these.

Since many people are on the go because of their work, they do not get the chance to open a magazine or look at the details on a billboard. Many walk on the roads and everyone wears clothes. Even a person in a car or walking on a road happens to see the clothes people wear and this, almost always, attracts their attention. Hence, promotional apparel is an effective form of advertisement as well.

Clothes also ensure greater exposure as compared to other forms of advertisement: not all countries are exposed to billboards, ads (television or magazine) and launches. This may be due to legal, diplomatic or religious reasons. In contrast, when people travel abroad and come back to their hometowns or when tourists visit such countries they wear clothes of different kinds and for different reasons. When the locals of a country or city see these clothes they are inquisitive or interested in what they portray. Hence promotional apparel also ensures exposure at a wider scale.

Hence, promotion via clothes is quite effective and far cheaper when compared to other methods of promotion.

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