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A lot of people of course have an completely erroneous and/or stereotyped view of spirituality and of what ‘God’ signifies this is natural considering that quite a few religions themselves make these limited images – idols – of their faith. As the Tao Te Ching puts it: ‘The Tao [the Way, the God] that can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao”. In short we must be cautious not to take the words, signs and symbols as well literally. One particular classic instance of developing idols in the West is imagining God as some grandfather or Father Christmas in the sky that many people will have to somehow slavishly kowtow to. But God, if we could speak of God in human language, is both transcendent and immanent and can not be conveyed in that way.

This is why Plato, arguably the greatest of the philosophers of the West, mentioned that there had been two clear proofs for God’s existence: the first was the existence of the human soul which testified to the reality of God. The soul, the Self, is in truth God, because the ‘image of God’ in man is itself and necessarily God given that God can not be diluted. Or put yet another way, God is holographic – the smallest fragment would nevertheless be fully divine. And we know that when we contemplate our Self.

The second proof was the design of the world or the cosmos, and those who could not see its marvel had been dull and stupid. We have to go to extraordinary lengths to deny the design and to flat-line the wonder – this universe for all of Dawkins’ non-science and stepping outdoors the sphere of his own competency, never occurred by accident. And that is component of what the opening of John’s gospel is about: in the beginning was the Word, the logos, the which means – and every little thing is infused by it and at some deep level those who seek to deny this are denying themselves – their personal deep Self is being contradicted by their ego mind.

There is a deep mystery in and to life and no one could deny this but people who certainly assert there is no God, no spirituality, against the constant and persistent testimony and evidence of the vast majority of mankind, are not becoming rational – they are engaging in an act of faith additional irrational than that which they condemn and mock.

So, to return to the query, what do you do as a coach and mentor when this type of concern raises its head? Firstly, you listen particularly very carefully. This listening is not just active listening and a set of abilities – like, lean forward it is act of being. As Ptahhotep, some five thousand years ago, stated, “To listen is better than something, therefore is born best really like.” And, he also added: “God loves he who listens. He hates those who do not listen.” To listen is virtually synonymous with to like it is why the youngster turns to the mother, given that she will listen and why so countless partnerships fall apart for the reason that 1 or each cease listening to the other. When we pray we speak to God and draw our mind and soul into a focus when we meditate we listen… and in the silence the possibilities take shape.

Secondly, you attempt to establish the course in which it is going, what sort of God or spiritual encounter do they have in mind or are alluding to, and why are they prompted now to raise this situation? Invariably, consumers are led in this way mainly because of some incompleteness in their life.

Thirdly, by means of gentle questioning they may well wish to reveal what this is and why it is important. Curiously, these sort of discussions lead to the heart of another human being, and in them humility is of the essence – each for the client who is recognising maybe for the first time that ‘you can be something you want’ is a half-truth, and for the coach considering that in becoming in that role so close to somebody, presumption is an ever present danger.

Fourthly, you reflect back to them their personal answers with intonations that might possibly allow them to see, as it were, the genuine implications of their state and of what they are saying. Thus, you commence major them by a approach in which they can see their Self even more obviously and so start to see possibilities and selections ahead. This is especially liberating it need to have hardly be mentioned, you don’t beat them about the head with your religion or any religion. You enable their own Self-discovery, for in discovering the Self is a pathway to accurate spirituality – and a way to be cost-free the false ego thoughts.

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