Consolidate and Simplify Your Small Business Data Backups With HP RDX Disk Technology

Uninterrupted data flow is the key to success. This has become critically important as the E-business environment has provided vast choice to the customers. They will surely divert if their requests are not fulfilled in-time. So what are the essential measures that must be taken by every organization (small to large)? A prudent approach is backup storage that saves time and eliminates the need for data recovery from the malfunctioning hard drives.

Moreover, it helps solve the headaches of unintentional data corruption and make data available whenever it is requested by the company stake holders and mobile employees.  Many organizations ignore data backups because they don’t want to add complexity to their busy IT centers. HP Hewlett-Packard has solved this problem with its durable, simple and efficient RDX disk-based backup format.

HP RDX cartridge is the new popular solution for small server backups and branch offices of large enterprises. With an impressive capacity range of up to 1.0 terabyte, the small businesses can choose from 160GB, 320GB, 500GB and 750 GB. This easy-to-use system efficiently handles the diverse data storage needs and enables trouble-free scalability. The flexible configurations of RDX dock station (internal, external) and the USB connectivity make it a smart investment for organizations that lack expertise to handle the bulky and complex backup systems.

Other reasons why SMB customers prefer this solution are the advantages of off-site storage, media removability and robustness. These are the attributes of tape storage system that are also offered by the RDX disk format. So the compelling features of both leading backup technologies can be enjoyed with this smart solution.

HP has the richest product line of backup devices, which are not only economically-priced but also outperform their competitors. For the medium & small industry, some of the leading HP products are C5707A (DDS2 tape), Q2020A (SDLT2 tape), C4436A (Travan TR-5 tape) and C7973A (LTO3 tape). Data administrators will find multiple HP solutions for their specific needs.

With RDX system, the backup and data recovery tasks can be efficiently accomplished in a similar way you operate removable USB storage device. Data files can be directly dragged & dropped onto the RDX cartridge’s drive letter. You can also use the simple copy/paste method. Random access ensures fastest data recovery, and meets the demands of advanced enterprise applications. HP RDX dock stations optimize overall performance with their super fast 108GB/hr backup rate.

HP RDX cartridges are the most robust backup medium that has been proved with exhaustive tests. The cartridges delivered excellent read/write accuracy after they were dropped from one meter (39 inches) height. So these shock proof disk cartridges can be trusted for off-site data sharing and long term storage. The storage performance of this system can be easily expanded in a cost effective manner. Users will only have to add new RDX disks. Up-gradation cost reduces significantly as the RDX dock stations have this unique ability to complete backup and restore operations with all versions of disk cartridge.

RDX technology provides your data center the flexibility to handle the workload of fast-growing digital content.

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