Construction machinery failure prevention

Increase the influence of mechanical impurities. Mechanical impurities individual refers dust, soil and other non-metallic materials and mechanical engineering course in the use of some of the metal shavings own attack , abrasion and other products . Once these impurities machinery outside the mating surfaces between the arrival of machinery , the damage is great , not only to make absolutely still go arrest deceleration parts wear and scratch the mating surfaces , smooth film damage , reduce the temperature of the parts smooth oil transformation. According to the determination , smooth mechanical impurities added to 0 15 %, the launch machine first piston ring wear rate than the normal big 2 5 times ; while rolling into the shaft with the impurity particles , its life will drop 80% – . 90% . copper mining process plant

Additions temperature effects. In the task, the temperature of each component has its own normal range . If the individual cooling water temperature 80-90 ℃, the temperature of the hydraulic drive system of the hydraulic oil is 30-60 ℃, or below this size will exceed the reduction of wear parts , lubricating oil caused by transformation , and so changes the performance data is formed . Experiments indicate various engineering machinery main drive gear and bearing oils -5 ℃ smooth functioning of the smooth operation of oil than 3 ℃ , the wear and tear to be increased 10-12 times . But when the temperature is too high , oil will slow down the smooth transformation , such as the oil temperature beyond 55-60 ℃ , the lower oil every 5 ℃, the oxidation rate of the oil will progress doubled.

Add a variety of erosion . Metal surface with the surrounding medium attack suffered chemical or electrochemical action scene said the erosion damage . This erosion will affect the normal tasks Qidan mechanical surface equipment , and will erode the external mechanical parts . Such as rain , air, chemical materials, and other mechanical parts through foreign channels , cracks , etc. into the machinery outside , outside erosion machine parts , gear mechanical wear , adding a mechanical failure. Because of this erosion is sometimes invisible, intangible , easily panties people ignore , so its more harmful . In the use , management and operating personnel should be based on prior field meteorological conditions , air purification conditions, using effective way to reduce the impact on the mechanical chemical attack , the focus is to avoid the rain and the chemical composition of air, mechanical intrusion. fault analysis gangue crusher

Mining Machinery intelligent leader

Now, armed Sand has gradually evolved from price competition to the development of competition , today’s launch trends grinders, milling machines and other mechanical equipment, sand making machine is a large , digital intelligent and eco- energy saving . Progress will be the promotion of independent innovation to the overall quality of Sand important mechanical support . To increase the skills renovation efforts to integrate technology resources, relying on science and technology projects seriously , breaking center and crux skills. Also, to enhance the establishment of industrial personnel , including entrepreneurs , professional skill personnel, industrial workers , and other industry professionals storage , in order to enhance the establishment of independent innovation , promotion of industrial security personnel overall quality of supply is small, in order to break the course of conduct precipitation of independent innovation ability is weak, high dependence on foreign basic components , high-end products is definitely outdated and skills to carry out in order to open up the market is not strong and other issues. small scale stone crushing plant

When handling progressively Sand mechanical exist many problems , except bigger and stronger training to carry out large enterprises and groups , strengthen key industrial parks established , the more the need for promotion is how to break the central skills and enhance their self- renovation in order to establish , as a mechanical crusher grinding machine milling equipment manufacturers consumption , our machine also pay attention to the important factor to be carried out where the industry , which is also printed little spending power of science and technology is the first true meaning lies in the condition of having everything , consumer tips on how to innovation, inexhaustible energy business is conducted , Sand mechanical toward “high-end manufacturing industry ” means the industry competitiveness changed from ” Chinese production ” to ” Chinese wisdom made” advance replacement , which is the Chinese economy into the structure after the transition phase conduct needs . As long as the center of production has to , to get the appropriate skills added value, in order to show high-end high-yield , in order to gradually converging real competitive disadvantage , and thus become a respected global market competitors .

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