Cost Effectively Protect Important Data With The AIT5 Backup Tape

Research and development is an integral part of a number of companies- pharmaceutical companies, those involved in nuclear technology and weaponry and other companies involved in the production of similar products and projects. Often these companies store important information on their software which may be at risk of being stolen, erased by viruses or retrieved by hackers. Passwords can easily be decoded by hackers because, after all, that is what they are good at doing. One may not even be aware that a hacker has entered their database in order to steal such information. This could prove to be quite dangerous in the long run which is why it is a necessity for businesses to use an alternative source upon which this information could be saved.

Where viruses are concerned, businesses that interact with each other online would always be at the risk of getting affected by these because that is how they interact with one another- via the internet and cyberspace. A business may not be aware of the fact that a virus has attacked its database till it’s too late and the information is already lost or till the software is affected by these threats. Any business must protect itself well before such threats affect them because the loss of such data could be permanent. Anti-virus software may not be enough to protect software because these are only made to protect companies against viruses that are known of. It takes time to form the anti-virus software for new viruses.

That is why backup technology would be a good idea for businesses- it would minimize the loss of information and protect such information by giving businesses an alternative medium upon which important data can be stored. The Sony AIT 5 tape would be a good idea for businesses since the tape comes with a storage capacity of 400 GB of native capacity and 1040 GB of compressed data which would provide them with ample storage in the long run.

Such technology would enable businesses to protect the data stored on to the tapes against erasure too since the Sony AIT 5 tape comes with WORM (write once, read many) capabilities. This would prevent the loss of information in case of erasure or power outages, for example. Its backward compatibility enable it to read, overwrite and save information stored on other previous generation of the Sony AIT tapes – SDX3-100C, SDX4200WWW, SDX3-100W, SDX4200CWW and other AIT-3EX backup media tapes. This would also remove the need to store tapes of the previous generation because the same information can be saved on the AIT 5 tape.

By inserting the AIT 5 media cartridge into the Sony AIT 5 tape drive information can be retrieved and re-used in the long run. The tape drive is like a DVD player while AIT 5 tape is similar to a DVD disc. The tape and the tape drive are available at very affordable costs and any business seeking to protect itself against external threats and disasters too.

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