Crawler mobile crushing station

Crawler mobile crushing plant is a high performance crushing equipment, using their own drive, flexible, technologically advanced, fully functional, not the terrain and the workplace is idle, the device can be directly entered the job site, transportation, crushing, screening integration, reducing the foundation construction and installation time, reducing the cost of investment, has entered the job site can be put to work, greatly improve work efficiency, very suitable for large-scale coal mining operations, is worthy of the “King of the crusher” .

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In addition, crawler mobile crushing plant is a green energy-saving equipment, mobile crushing station due to direct access to coal mining sites, and then the truck without unloading coal, which saves transportation costs, but also effectively prevent the emission and transport vehicle exhaust the generation of dust, making the green mining become a reality, turns out to be too.

Environmental protection and restoration of mine recommended governance

In recent years, with the voice of increasing environmental governance mine environment has also made remarkable achievements. But over the years accumulated a “chronic illness” is not so easy to be able to completely “cured” at present, opencast mining geological environment protection and restoration forms of governance is still grim, environmental pressures facing the mining is also growing, therefore, Hongxing machine made the following recommendations: strict control of mining rights to set opencast mining. Accordance with the “Geological Environment Protection Ordinance”, strengthen resource conservation mountain, mountain resource planning special protection areas, protected areas prohibit quarrying, on the existing basis, to continue to promote enterprise-scale quarrying operations, the development of large enterprises, such Not only can ensure resource needs of economic construction, while also avoiding new mine geological environment problems. explain usage of vibrating screening equipment

Effective implementation of margin collection system. Mining rights must fulfill the obligations of mine environmental governance according to law. Margin is the right man to fulfill the mining environmental restoration obligations deposit guarantee funds, prompting the mining rights of people to protect the geological environment and the natural landscape. Geological environment governance norms undertaker. Implementation unit geological environment governance should be geological authorities or local government, so that the vital interests of the local government and is closely related to the interests of the project in order to actively coordinate with the masses. how to choose the right bentonite mill equipment

Side edge mining governance should be implemented. For the energy side edge mining areas of governance, functional departments should strengthen supervision and management of the quarry mine, urging mining companies strictly implement environmental restoration programs, geological environment without leaving the line debts. Geological environment of the local matching funds to effectively place. Recommended to have the task of geological environment establish the geological environment of local government special funds to close down, close, closure of the mines, organizational governance by the administrative department of land and resources unity.

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Promote “green mining” building. Establish a “big resources, environment, big market” concept, phased renovation of existing mining enterprises, and gradually realize the intensive utilization of mineral resources, scientific mining methods, production process environmental protection, standardization of enterprise management, mine closure ecology, promoting green mine construction. Hongxing mining machinery for the recovery and management of ecological environment protection and contribute!

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