Crusher sand and gravel aggregate production line to provide qualified

I produced a full crusher production line equipment , to provide you with comprehensive technical support , this production line has a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher , impact crusher , high efficiency fine crusher , vibrating screen , sand washing machine and belt conveyor machines and other equipment combination. Depending on the process requirements, the combination of various types of equipment to meet customer requirements of different processes .

Crusher production line ( sand and gravel production line ) is the production of special equipment for building sand and stone equipment , stone equipment, including jaw crusher , stone crusher, impact crusher , impact crusher , vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine , belt conveyor . Our equipment with reliable performance, reasonable design, easy to operate, high efficiency.small scale building sand production line

Crusher production line advantages: First, the stone crushing production line high degree of automation , large crushing ratio , high production efficiency , large capacity, the product was crushed cube -shaped , low flakiness content , without internal cracks , high compressive strength . Second, the equipment maintenance and easy maintenance , the vulnerability of the current domestic newest high-strength wear-resistant materials , low loss, long life , customers can bring considerable economic benefits. Third, stone crushing production line, successfully applied limestone, basalt , granite, pebbles and other rock crushing and processing, product quality after crushing fully meet the GB14685-2001 standard , provides for the higher road , rail, water , concrete mixing stations and other industries qualified waste broken machine

Crusher production line process: crusher production line processes roughly as follows: ( silo ) — feeder — jaw crusher — Crusher — shaker — ( finished ) . Belt conveyors are available between each phase machines . Chunks of stone by the hopper evenly sent by the vibrating feeder jaw crusher for primary crushing , crushing the stone from the conveyor belt to the crusher for further crushing ; stone after crushing by the belt conveyor sent vibrating screen for screening , screening out several different sizes of stones , gravel to meet the size requirements of the finished product conveyor belt sent the finished product stockpiles ; gravel does not meet the size requirements of the belt conveyor feed back to Impact the crusher again repeated to form a closed loop . Finished size can be combined and graded according to the user ‘s needs, protect the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal crusher working principle

Stone production line is the pipeline operations, each device to complete different tasks in different areas, each of the total work of the entire stone production line plays part of the role . Feeder responsible for screening material feeding, jaw crusher for crushing large chunks of material for the first time to meet the subsequent crushing work is a secondary crusher jaw crusher the material performed after crushing, conveying machine for transporting materials , shaker of stone products according to the specifications of screening operations . Customers choose a relatively model crushing equipment on the yield and size according to their requirements , improve work time and work efficiency stone production line .

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