Customers should timely adjust Daswell compulsory concrete mixer

What should we specially notice is the gap between the mixing blade and the stirring barrel bottom of concrete mixer, we should always check whether it meet the requirements. When the clearance exceeds the standard, will make the cylinder wall and the cylinder bottom adhesive residue layer too thick, add cleaning difficulties and reduce the mixing efficiency, such as stirring blade wear, timely adjust, repair or replaconcrete.

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The new forced concrete mixer operating instructions:

before starting the forced concrete mixer, check whether there is a rotating part and a barrel collision phenomenon, such as collision, which should be timely adjusted.

Weighing system, weighing system is the key part of the batching machine batching plant, composed of the weighing hopper, suspension device and a weighing system sensor, batching control instrument.

Electrical control system: electric control system is the core component of concrete mixer, its function is to achieve the whole weighing, concrete mixer display self loading mobile concrete mixer, operation and complete a variety of automatic mixing procedures. The system is mainly composed of two parts: batching controller and electric circuit.

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