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Any modern commercial activity, such as businesses, manufacturing companies, educational institutions, attorneys or marketing companies generate data at every working hour. For that matter every single action or inaction of a customer is data!

Data comes in all forms and formats such as text, alpha numeric sequences, spreadsheets, computer programs, plain addresses and phone numbers, statistical tables and so on. Data entry is collecting, organizing and transcribing the data to machine readable forms by keying in, scanning or by using speech recognition technologies.

Data Entry Services at Flat world:-

Flat world offers the whole spectrum of data entry services at very competitive prices and within timely deliveries. Some of our services are:

1. Online and offline data entry
2. Data Scanning and Capture
3. Data Conversion and Enrichment
4. Data Cleansing and Redundancy checks
5. Content Enhancement
6. Special data entry services such as Address Correction and Verification & Gooding

What are the benefits of outsourcing data entry services to India?

India is emerging as the largest English speaking country after the USA and it has also got a large pool of experienced and skilled professionals who can make your mundane and routine job of data entry very easy. Some of the other advantages of offshore outsourcing data entry to India include,

1. Low cost and high value
2. Large pool of people having combination of skill sets
3. High population of English speaking trained professionals
4. Time zone differences
5. Excellent telecom infrastructure to support high bandwidth requirements

Get the benefits of off shoring data entry

Among many advantages of outsourcing data entry services, some significant ones are:

1. Reduction in infrastructural costs.
2. Significant reduction in document storage costs.
3. Save thousands of man-hours by eliminating manual searching of documents.
4. Ability to access data from anywhere and anytime.
5. Having a complete back-up of your data.

What are the data entry services that Flat world Solutions offers?

1. Catalog entry
2. Forms
3. Mailing list from paper, book and hard copy into any format
4. Offline data entry
5. Image data entry
6. Card entry
7. Book data entry
8. Hand written document entry
9. Legal document entry
10. Medical claim offline entry
11. Data entry for patient records
12. Product registration cards data entry
13. Shipping documents data entry
14. Online data entry for coupon redemption
15. Subscriptions data entry
16. Online data entry for e-books
17. Form based data capture

Why outsource data entry services to India?

Outsourcing data entry and data conversion services to India is the best decision you can take for your company. India has long been considered the preferred destination for outsourcing. By offshore outsourcing data entry to India, you can be rest assured that you will be given top quality services within your timeline. Outsourcing data entry India will also ensure that you stay within your prescribed budget.

John Johnson is experienced internet marketing consultant and writes articles on Web Data Scraping, Data Entry Outsourcing, Data Scraping Services, Web Screen Scraping, Web Data Mining, Web Data Extraction etc.

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