Davidson: the comparison of the three headphone brand

Are you ready for Halloween gift? Dear viewers, Soul By Ludacris vs Beats By Dre vs Sleek By 50. Today, we talk about the headphones preparing for the hearing of the application before the exam topics, for example, has been not to everyone’s attention in FM headset. Here, I wanted to test students of forty-six familiar, this is also in response to the requirements of college friends and Tucao, to recommend three relatively excellent quality Apple Headphones.

First talk about Tucao reason, I go to school, when fully understood. Schools to purchase hearing headphones so few common characteristics: the price pit father + quality pit father + aftermarket pit father. But as the friends of the students because of the school uniform ordering and fantasy in case of problems the school will be responsible for the idea on the headset so buy the biggest failure in life. My forty-six passed, but this headset exam when Bouncing thing nor is it did not happen, the school’s response is basically that the student body. Helpless since inspirational to buy their own headphones pit father had admitted.

SYNC by 50 Wireless Headphones

SYNC by 50 Wireless Headphones

Although the same is not what Chaoliang appearance at all, but compared to schools the "Sankeng" headphones, I believe more the 50 Cent Headphones specializing in the field of wireless headphones. And from the price for Ai this than the school at every turn the 50 headphones look more competitiveness in the market. Buy headphones to go back to the examinations, but the end of the examination, headphones do not idle for it? The role of the audio cable is connected to the headset, the other end can be connected to a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack (PC MP3 MP4, etc.), so exam headset becomes ordinary headphones. FM, exams, headphones, as a whole.

Soul By Ludacris Headphones


Somic’s Salar brand by virtue of its more familiar and Chun technology, to create loud sounds of SL300JAM headset, ability to its full 30 meters wireless receiver, will become the shock for 2012 headset on the market! Frequency receivers, Cheap Soul Headphones ear shell has become more "heavy bodies. As a result of a state-of-the-art VHF band RF FM (RE / FM) radio technology, it has an independent radio function. The headset battery space in the left ear shell, put two AAA batteries, rotating right ear shell beneath the red dial to open headphone audio receiver function.

Beats By Dre Plating Headphones

Beats By Dre Studio Plating

Beautiful appearance and perfect sound quality of Beats By Dre Sale headphones good interpretation. Beats By Dre Plating Headphones with belonging to its unique noble temperament in front of us, and now we are doing the activities, you only need to spend less budget than the original. In terms of appearance, or from it, we can not resist it, now have such a good opportunity, quickly grab it, put it in his backpack!

To be honest, versatile headset is indeed small. May be due to the use of a small minority of the reasons it is not easy to want to pick a satisfactory product. I screened out from the quality and brand of headphone products with different price points and different brands for you to refer to a friend. The last wish college friends were able to get good grades in examinations. Believe that they believe in themselves, all in Soul By Ludacris Outlet.

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