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Chimney Caps and Animals

So what’s the big deal with chimney caps? It seems to be a big selling item! so there must be a good reason. There actually is! Chimney caps prevent rain and precipitation from getting into your chimney! Even more important. it’s stops animals and birds from getting into your chimney! The animals don’t just share your residence, they raise their family there. they poop there. and they play rock and roll real loud at night. Okay. maybe not so loud!

This happened to me last year, I didn’t have a chimney cap, and living in New Jersey where squirrels Wholesale Baseball Caps are everywhere! squirrels found their way down the chimney and nested into the chimney, The poor critters actually got stuck and died! Pulling them out was absolutely horrendous, I had to use a shop vac! Anyway! that’s enough of my saga! A chimney cap would have taken care of this.

Here are a lot of other reasons why you need a chimney cap.Debris! Leaves falling into the chimney opening is a potential hazard! They can block the chimney, or catch on fire higher up in the chimney!
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Rain itself can cause a host of problems, If you have a masonry chimney, mortar joints Players Authentic Hats can get full of rain, and this will in turn loosen stones or bricks. It doesn’t have to be tornado that makes a chimney crumble! Even a strong storm can take loosened bricks and rubble and turn a chimney into a mess!

Do you know that there may be exposed flammable material around the top of your chimney? Those leaves we just mentioned can sometimes lodge towards the top of the chimney, A loose spark can float up from the fire and ignite the leaves, If there is a decent size bunch of leaves stuck there, or a branch! the fire could DC Shoes Coverage Caps In Red ignite something around the chimney periphery.

Now I don’t mean to be overly cautious, but it’s important to take care of small things before they become big things, Putting in a chimney cap is simple! inexpensive, and usually can be done all by yourself. It can even improve the look of your home. There are many types of chimney caps. and we will continue to write other articles about the type of chimney caps available, the substrates used! and techniques used in installation!

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