Dell LTO Ultrium 3 Small Sized Tape Solution For The Increasing Backup Needs

Majority of the businesses in today’s modern world take backup technology very seriously. The Information Technology department of these businesses engages in rigorous research in order to identify the most suitable product. Some businesses think that intimate research on the issue is not required and they can choose just any product to backup their business data. In reality, such haphazard method of choosing the medium of backup technology results in inefficient allocation of resources.Businesses end up employing products that are more costly than the budget and do not even contribute in increasing the efficiency of the business.

One product that has proved to enhance the efficiency of medium sized businesses is Dell LTO ultrium 3 tape media format. This product is the third generation of Linear Tape Open Technology which is created by Seagate, IBM and Hewlett-Packard. These three brands are the pioneers of this revolutionary technology. When three great names of Information Technology industry combine with the most reliable manufacturer, that is Dell, customers expect nothing but the best product.

Dell LTO 3 tape, storage format has an outstanding processing speed and storage capacity. When speaking in terms of raw data the tape can store around 400 GB. The tape also allows for compression and once the data is compressed the storage capacity increases by the ratio 2:1. This means with compression the tape can store around 800 GB of data. The processing speed like the storage capacity differs for compressed and raw data. The processing speed for raw data is 80 Megabytes’ per second whereas for compressed data it goes up to 160 Megabytes’ per second.

Dell LTO3 tape was the third generation of Linear Tape Open technology but first to introduce to the corporate world WORM feature. WORM is short for Write Once Read Many and this feature allowed businesses to reach a whole new level of security.  With the WORM feature once the data is entered into the tape it cannot be edited or changed. Because data cannot be changed the probability of data tampering and forging is reduced significantly.

However this does not mean that the data cannot be accessed at several occasions; businesses may access the data whenever they feel like it. When the backup medium has the WORM feature businesses can also avoid high levels of investment made to protect data, that is, there is no further need to install security software and hardware. The tape also has the feature of backwards compatibility. This means you can read and write data from older generations of Linear Tape Open Technology.

Along with all these features the price of the Dell LTO3 tape is very reasonable. Dell is one brand that has the reputation of providing the finest and innovative products at reasonable prices and Dell LTO3 media tape is no different. This tape has been proved to be a successful choice of backup technology for most medium sized businesses and if your business is seeking a medium of backup technology then you should confidently decide on Dell LTO3 tape. is the best on-line store that has a vast range of tapes and other backup devices. You will surely be satisfied with these exquisite low prices. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email:

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