Dell LTO2 backup Tape For The IT Managers Of Today

Some people think that being an IT manager is a simple and easy to do job, but I am sure that IT managers would not agree. Being an IT manager requires a lot of intelligence and patience. Intelligence because they need to be able to learn all the new advancements in technology, it is a part of their job to ensure that their company is able to keep up with the ever changing technology, and is not suffering any problems that can easily be removed through IT solutions. Along with this they must ensure that the technology adopted by the firm is best suited with the goals, objectives and strategies of the firm.

The problem that is experienced by most IT managers when fulfilling their duties is that the budget is limited. This is where the patience attribute of an IT manager comes into play. Whenever something goes wrong with the technology in the office the bosses will not understand that the budget provided to the manager was limited but rather accuse the manager for not being effective. Sometimes the bosses even expect the managers to have foreseen the problem and acted to resolve it before it even occurred. These are just few of the problems that IT managers experience on a daily basis.

In order to make the lives of IT managers easier and simpler, one of the biggest name of the Information Technology world, Dell, launched its backup tape solutions. One solution that contributed significantly in the goodwill of Dell brand is Dell LTO ultrium 2. The tape has capacity of storing 200 GB of raw data and comes with the compression feature, which means the storage capacity can be doubled to 400 GB.

The data transfer rate is also very high at 400 Megabytes’ per second. This particular tape was launched to fulfill the needs of IT managers working in small to medium sized organizations. The backup system attempted to provide managers with a kind of product that would give businesses the efficiency and effectiveness they desired without putting a constraint on the financial budget.

Dell LTO2 tape also came in a very small and compact size in order to provide more office and shelf space to the managers. It rooms are jam packed with all kinds of equipment, most backup technology tapes come in big sizes making the storage of the tape itself difficult. Dell LTO2 tape is being used by managers all over the world and has a very high success rate.

Managers have reported that the LTO2 tape by Dell allows smooth running of IT operations and if occasionally the system does break down all the data is stored in the LTO2 tape and can be retrieved instantly. Many IT managers who had installed Dell LTO1 tape were able to upgrade to LTO2 tape due to the backwards compatibility feature.If you are an IT manager seeking an efficient backup storage medium in the company’s limited budget Dell LTO 2 media tape is the perfect option for you.

LTO2 tapes are very robust, reliable and cost efficient.High performance VXA tapes, SDLT tapes, LTO tapes, DDS tapes, AIT tapes, RDX cartridges and Dell LTO2 tape cartridges are available at, at low price. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email:

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